HERE’S to the folks on Britain’s soil - and more particularly to those at a well-known Herefordshire beauty spot.

The opening line comes from a stirring wartime rhyme which accompanied the photograph of a Hereford woman who was to become the face of the Women’s Royal Army Corps in the 1940s.

All these years later, Peggy Rose, a member of the Hereford WRAC branch who joined the Women’s Land Army in 1941, is to be remembered at Queenswood Country Park and Arboretum where the WRAC has dedicated a bench in her memory.

Peggy Rose found herself in the spotlight during the war years when her photograph was printed on cigarette cards which were widely collected.

Speaking on behalf of the modern WRAC Association, Mary Woollard explained the vital role played by the Land Army.

“At its height there were more than 80,000 at the ‘front’ – farmworkers who took the place of men to help save Britain from starvation.” Peggy Rose “featured heavily” in the national recruiting campaign, she said. “Her image was used on thousands of cigarette cards.”

Peggy, who died in 2015, served in the Land Army for eight years until 1949.

The cigarette cards bearing her picture included the poem: ‘Here’s to the folks on Britain’s soil, We’ve all of us cause to bless their toil, For it’s they who win our daily bread in field and barn, and yard and shed – to blast the hopes of Hitler!’ Emblazoned across Peggy Rose’s picture are the words: “It all depends on ME”.