THE county's Green party say they would abandon all plans for a western bypass and southern link road in Hereford if elected in May.

The party set out its stall last week for the upcoming elections as national co-leader Sian Berry attended at Hereford’s Left Bank.

The group says they would prioritise investment in public transport to support local and county-wide connectivity and improve walking and cycling provision - new road building would be treated as a last resort.

Speaking before her meeting, Sian highlighted how important electing Green councillors was to influence policy changes across the country.

“In May 2018, Greens across England and Wales had their most successful local election result ever," she said.

“In opinion polls, Greens have a 40% 'like' ratio - higher than other parties .”

She praised the achievements of local Green councillors in getting council motions passed on sustainability and pension fund divestment from fossil fuel companies.

"Greens can transform Herefordshire,” she said.

Party press officer Robert Palgrave said nearly 100 Green party members and supporters from across the county attended the event with Sian February 8.

“After lunch with the local election campaign team in Leominster, she spoke to an invited and enthusiastic audience at Hereford Left Bank, and joined a Q&A panel with local party councillors and candidates.

“Questions ranged from how the local economy can prosper, is the Hereford Bypass needed, to Brexit.”

The Greens say in their local manifesto that they would back moves to support sustainable farming and tourism in the county.

They say they would fight for fair funding for local schools, youth services and children services and promote the construction of affordable new homes and social housing in the county.

Supporting the community and voluntary sector and improving services for vulnerable children, teenagers, adults and carers is also among the group’s vision for Herefordshire.