Impatient and ‘idiotic’ drivers have been removing barriers and driving through a road closure near Hereford.

Residents alerted highways contractors about the dangerous and illegal actions by motorists last weekend when Haywood Lane was officially closed.

Local resident Peter Ormsby said children’s lives were being up at risk by the irresponsible behaviour of some motorists.

“The road known as Haywood Lane, or the ‘rat run’ has been closed for the first week of a ten week closure.

“Every night, idiot drivers have removed barricades to get through the roadworks having driven past three road closed signs prominently displayed.

“Each time theses idiots have left the unguarded, unfenced side of Belmont Pools open to children.

“None have put the barriers back.

“After a week-end of continually replacing the barriers, we had a clown who simply drove over the barriers put there for safety reasons.”

The road has now reopened but council chiefs have planned to close the route again on February 25 ahead of work to extend the walkway at Belmont Pools.

A Herefordshire Council spokesperson said it was regrettable that the barriers had been moved by drivers going through the road closure on Haywood Lane.

“Such actions present a danger to all members of the public and other drivers; and such action is also illegal,” he said.

“We are not in a position to confirm if motorists drove over signs/barriers as has been reported.

“Our contractor, Balfour Beatty Living Places, was alerted to this activity over the weekend and replaced the signage and barriers on Saturday.

“We have managed to complete the initial phase of preparatory works to extend the walkway at Belmont Pools ahead of schedule as working conditions and weather were better than anticipated.

“Because the next phase of work is not scheduled to begin until February 25, we have reopened Haywood Lane to minimise inconvenience to road users.”

Council officers say the site has been left in a safe state for roadusers.

“Barriers with sand bags have been put in place along appropriate sections, together with high metal fencing around deep excavations that pose most risk. Appropriate cones and signage is also in situ.

“We will, of course, inspect the fencing on a regular basis but, if road users use the road in a safe and sensible manner, there is no reason to keep it closed until stage two of work commences.

“We would ask anyone who witnesses road closure signs being moved or damaged to call the police on 101.

“We would like to hear from anyone who has information about the drivers involved.”