A 'WELLBEING and Positive Mental Health' steering group has been created at a county high school.

Students, parents, staff, trustees and health professionals have all come together to set up the group, aiming to work together to design a simple but effective 'Wellbeing Charter' to ensure positive mental health for all at John Kyrle High School.

Ross GP Dr Simon Lennane said: "We can all help to promote good mental health and this is an exciting project looking at ways to encourage positive mental health in our young people.

"Making the project student led ensures it is appropriate and relevant, making it easy to know how and where to seek help when needed.

"It is important to recognise the things that keep us healthy and ensure these are embedded within the school day."

Headteacher Nigel Griffiths said: "Pupils from across the school will be involved in shaping the charter. There will be competitions, including designing logos for posters, and the student council will review the work of the steering group, and all pupils will be kept informed through assemblies."

School Trustee Laura Salter said: "I feel excited and am very much looking forward to working with students and staff at John Kyrle to enhance skills for life which promote positive mental health, with the emphasis being on student voices and bringing their pictures to the project."