DINEDOR Camp Hill Fort Group have succeeded in being shortlisted for the Tesco Bags of Help scheme.

Shoppers at nearby Tesco stores can vote to support local good causes and the Dinedor Camp Hill Fort Group is hoping lots of local people will support them.

Dinedor Camp is an ancient Iron Age Hill Fort. It is a very popular local space for dog walkers, families, nature and history lovers. In recent years it has become very overgrown and difficult to access. IN addition, some of the wonderful views have been lost by being blocked by undergrowth.

Dinedor Camp Hill Fort Group has an active community group who are spending their time volunteering to clear the area to make it more attractive and easier to access for all visitors.

To help this they hope to win some funding from the Tesco scheme to buy tools and equipment to help clear scrub and undergrowth.

It is hoped that as many people as possible will support the group by voting at their local Tesco store when they get voting tokens with their purchases.