A DENTIST was briefly knocked unconscious when a cyclist crashed into her as she crossed the road in Tupsley in Hereford.

Jaye Jelley was crossing Quarry Road to go to work at her dentist practice when a boy on a bicycle hit her at speed.

The 30mph road is very steep and she said she often sees young cyclists "flying" down the hill at speed.

Dr Jelley was knocked over between two cars and she has damaged her right eye socket as she hit the side of a car.

The 48-year-old said: "I had just got out of my car. I went to cross the road. I looked both ways.

"He was coming at such a speed I didn't even see him. It knocked me out for a couple of seconds."

Dr Jelley, who owns The Dentist at Tupsley, said she thinks the cyclist was travelling at least 30mph.

She said: "Every single day someone comes down too fast on that road on a bike.

"Either someone is going to come off their bikes or, say I was an old person, they would have died. There is no doubt about that."

An ambulance attended last Wednesday at around 10.45am and she has an appointment with a consultant on Thursday to see how much damage was caused to her face.

Dr Jelley said: "I want to make people aware of the dangers. The cyclists do it every day.

"Quarry Road is such a steep hill. They come down so fast - they love the adrenalin it gives them."

She said it was a boy of around 17-years-old on a mountain bike, who was thrown into the air. He left the scene before the ambulance arrived.

Dr Jelley added: "I think he couldn't stop. He knocked me clean flat."

She said: "It is a vibrant community of shops. Lots of people park either side of the road.

"It just takes someone to come out of the parking space and not see that person coming down at speed."

The police Safer Neighbourhood Team for Hereford City North said they were unaware of any issues on this road with regards to cyclists travelling at excessive speed.

They said there is no equipment which could monitor cyclists' speed but added: "At present, action we can take is to monitor the area when possible."