Hands up - I'm a repeat offender! Nothing will keep me from another outing to see Blood Brothers when it's back at Malvern, though I've now lost count ... I think I might be up to seven.

And last night's production once again had me on my feet, holding back the tears and wildly applauding a brilliant ensemble cast who'd picked us all up and taken us along with them as the tragic story of the Johnston brothers unfolded.

There is something about this particular story, and this particular way of telling it that is irresistible. It's the perfect circle of the story, beginning at the end, before going back to the start and travelling from the innocence of childhood to a tangled web of precipitate decisions born of despair, and back to the end with its horrific inevitability. And it's a story that never grows old, always creating a resonance with life today.

But of all the characters affected by a single decision, it's Mickey's story that is most moving, his the life that is changed most dramatically and Sean Jones has perfected his portrayal of Mickey to a point where I'm not sure I could believe anyone else in the part.

In the current touring production Linzi Hateley has put on Mrs Johnston's pinny to 'dance like Marilyn Monroe' and brings power and emotion to the role, while Danielle Corlass as Linda carries us along with her as she makes the transition from giggly schoolgirl to a young woman with nowhere to turn.

Above all, though, Blood Brothers is an ensemble piece with every member of the cast an essential element in the drama, and the meticulous choreography that takes the story seamlessly from scene to scene was once again perfectly executed.

Almost everyone I know who's seen Blood Brothers has seen it more than once - if you haven't seen it, you really should, and if you have .... I'm preaching to the converted!

Blood Brothers runs at Malvern Theatres until Saturday. To book, call the box office on 01684 892277 or visit malvern-theatres.co.uk