A new music 'scene' is being created in Herefordshire.

Young, keen bands now have a new opportunity to perform thanks to the launch of a series of new music nights in Hereford.

And to fill a gap in the market, the gigs will be targeting the 16+ age group, something which has declined in recent years.

Power-Up Promotions is a collaboration between two local musicians, StevieJ Callender and Josh Lamdin, after they were approached by the Left Bank.

The first music night is on February 7 at 7.30pm at the Speakeasy and will feature three local bands. It is headlined by the neo-psychedelic Zetland Road and supported by punk band RockSøber and alternative rock outfit The RGB.

StevieJ is originally from Ludlow and went to Hereford College of Arts (HCA) in 2010. She now teaches in the music department and at community workshops through Livewire Hereford. She gigs with local bands Sundown Jazz Society and MammaFunk.

Josh is a self-employed musician/artist/ music teacher. He is guitarist for Last Tree Squad/band leader of Sundown Jazz Society and a teacher with Encore Enterprises which tries to bring the best out of Hereford's music scene.

The pair met at HCA and started Sundown Jazz Society to perform jazz music with some of Hereford's best musicians.

They said: "As we both work with young musicians through Hereford College of Arts, The Music Pools Livewire, and Encore Music Services we know that Hereford is full of keen bands and raw talent, the only thing missing is the opportunity or space to perform.

"We wanted to bring the return of Hereford's 16+ nights, which have been declining in recent years. Unfortunately many venues see it as ‘18+ or no night at all’, which does nothing for our young people.

"In recent years Hereford has seen a decline in live music venues willing to host nights for up and coming bands.

"When The Booth Hall made it onto the scene the prospects were very promising. Unfortunately, The Booth Hall was short lived and now we’re back to square one.

"Power-Up promotions nights are about creating a scene, one which Hereford's young musicians and creatives have been crying out for, with a help from hosts The Left Bank."

Also taking part will be DJ Paul Higgins with some eclectic tunes.

He is also an artist who has been creating artwork for local bands and music nights and designs posters for the events, free of charge.

"Our Experience with working and performing in Hereford is that Hereford doesn’t know what it wants until you give it to them. We’ve found this with Sundown Jazz Society," he added.

"It's up to us to create a scene for people to get behind and hopefully one that will live on."