A forestry firm has asked for permission to create two tracks in a county wood.

Red Rock Forestry representatives say they need the roads to help with their woodland thinning operations at Buckenhill Wood near Bromyard.

They have submitted the application for prior notification to Herefordshire Council.

Forest manager Jude Fielding said: “Among the proposed management operations that is required to effectively manage this woodland is thinning, which will necessitate the use of heavy machinery that can cause significant damage to the woodland floor.

“To minimise this risk, we are applying to create two stoned tracks leading off the existing central track into parts of the woodland that have no or limited access.

“These areas are sloped and creating permanent stoned tracks will help ensure that damage to the ground is minimised, there is no excessive rutting, soil compaction and mitigate the risk of surface runoff.

“During the track work, we intend to put in occasional slightly wider sections to create passing places and timber stacking/transfer points.”

The council is expected to make a decision by February 7.