OUR Camera Club members have been out and about snapping some fabulous pictures around the county.

Here are four that all show the magical way light can affect scenes.


The incredible vertical symmetry captured by Kit Byatt, really caught our eye.

Created using clever technique and a handy puddle, the stunning picture shows Hereford Station from waste ground between the city's new link road and the railway.


Ripples encircle a lone swan set against a stunning backdrop in Georgia Rose Hollis' photograph, taken at Bodenham Lake.

"I head down to Bodenham Lake quite a lot with my two dogs, trying to capture the best sunset photos on my phone," Ms Hollis said.

"I have emphasised the colours slightly, but the rest is all down to the beautiful scenery and wildlife."


A simple and stunningly serene view from inside Weobley church, taken by Camera Club member Catherine Turner-Joll. It shows light from a mullioned window falling across pews.

Although the current building dates to the 13th century, evidence from the Domesday Book of 1086 points to there having been a church in the village since the 11th century, and likely long before that.

The building has undergone many alterations and repairs over the centuries, but it still has a rich stock of stone carvings and monuments, including a tomb thought to be that of Sir Hugh de Lucy, who built the earlier 12th century church in Weobley, and retains a great deal of irreplaceable medieval structure and features.


Dewdrops on a spider's web glimmer in the light like tiny, floating gems in this incredible close-up, taken by Rohit Christo.

"I specialise in macro photography. I have a macro lens and my camera was set on manual for this picture," Rohit said.

"It usually takes me about 5 minutes to find the correct position to take the picture. I'm usually looking for the tiniest details amongst nature."

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