A DOG owner has described the horrifying moment she believed her pet ingested drugs picked up from the street.

Emily Roper has two whippets and a greyhound cross called Brinley, Blue and Santos.

Her mum, Jayne, was walking the three dogs in the early hours of the morning on December 29 in Blueschool Street, Hereford when she noticed Brinley pick something up off the floor.

But she was unable to get it out of his mouth before he had eaten it.

Emily, 33, said: "By the time they had got to Mr Chips his back legs had given way.

"He then fell over and began to fit. His pupils dilated and he began to heavily pant.

"My mum was distressed - understandably. She asked two taxi drivers to help, who didn’t.

"A very kind taxi driver then did help her get the three dogs in the car and drove her home."

Emily, who lives in Edgar Street, immediately called Holmer Vets and they met her at the surgery at 6.20am.

Brinley was at the vets for more than 11 hours on IV fluids.

Emily added: "Brinley needed three doses of anticonvulsants initially to stop him fitting. They did feel that he had ingested drugs.

"And when he was reviewed on the Monday after they were 99.9 per cent certain that he ingested drugs - likely amphetamines."

She said it took a long time for four-year-old Brinley to gain balance afterwards.

Emily, who has a daughter, said: "It was pretty awful. My mother hasn’t really got over it.

"If it hadn’t been for the third taxi driver who agreed to bring them all home, it's possible he would have died on the street as my mum wouldn’t have been able to get him home in the state he was in."