RIPPLES encircle a lone swan set against a stunning backdrop in our Camera Club picture of the day, taken at Bodenham Lake by Georgia Rose Hollis.

"I head down to Bodenham Lake quite a lot with my two dogs, trying to capture the best sunset photos on my phone," Ms Hollis said.

"I have emphasised the colours slightly, but the rest is all down to the beautiful scenery and wildlife."

The lake started life as a series of gravel pits which, when gravel extraction came to an end, were linked together to form the lake, now an important overwintering and breeding site for a huge range of birds and other aquatic wildlife.

Approximately half of the 110 acre site is managed as a wildlife refuge with restricted access, however the remainder of the nature reserve is open to the public, offering the perfect day out for nature lovers.

Toads and other amphibians are regular wildlife spots at the lake, as are otters and birds including great crested grebes, cormorants and kestrel.

You can help conservators by getting involved with Wildlife Trust projects and recording your wildlife sightings on the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust website.

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