TEMPORARY traffic lights at the Broadleys crossroads in Ross Road in Hereford caused long delays for many this morning.

The four-way temporary lights at the Ross Road junction with Holme Lacy Road and Walnut Tree Avenue were set up last night.

The problem seemed to arise from the fact they were four-way lights, as north and south traffic were not allowed to go at the same time.

This led to extremely long delays for many, in both directions. Normally the A49 north and south traffic flow at the same time.

Highways England are carrying out the work.

This afternoon a Highways England spokesman said the temporary traffic lights mimic the permanent settings. But when he was told this was not the case this morning he said: "I have been told they do now match."

He added: "Tomorrow it should be back to normal."

He also said that there will be workers there to manually operate the lights if needs be. 

Highways England is carrying out the works to upgrade the footpath on the A49 and the pedestrian crossing on Holme Lacy Road. They are also upgrading the traffic lights at the crossroads.

The overall work will be carried out until Friday, March 15.

The work will be carried out work overnight from 8pm to 6am but there will be 24/7 temporary traffic lights in place for the duration of the work.

The four-way temporary traffic signals on the A49, Holme Lacy Road and Walnut Tree Avenue will be in place until February 25.