KINGTON Choral Society leader Rob Evans, who also sings with the internationally acclaimed choir The Sixteen, was recently involved in recording the backing vocals for a new Disney film to be released on Earth Day entitled Penguins.

At the last Kington Choral Society rehearsal for 2018 members sang carols, presented gifts and had their Christmas raffle draw which helped raise funds to give practical encouragement to aspiring young musicians.

Afterwards, Rob was surprised by the arrival of 'Steve' the penguin who presented him with a congratulatory bottle of bubbly.

Steve’s costume was created using resources found around the home of the model, Carolyn, right down to the recycled, webbed feet fashioned from old Marigold gloves.

This fitted neatly into the aims of Earth Day which campaigns for an environmentally sustainable planet.

2018 was a busy and challenging year for the choral society and members thoroughly enjoyed their evening.

If you would like further information about Kington Choral Society please visit to join in the fun.