A MUM fears for her daughter’s wellbeing and education after claiming her school has done little to address bullying.

Leah Grinnell-Cousins said her 15-year-old daughter, who is in year 11, has been bullied for just over a year by other pupils at Kingstone High School.

The 36-year-old said: “The situation goes back a year – it is absolutely horrendous.”

Leah said her daughter Celina no longer wants to go to school due to the bullying.

“I have to drag my 15-year-old to school every day crying. Yet, I’ve been told she is safer at school than she is at home,” said Leah, who also has an eight-year-old daughter.

She said Celina is picked on by at least seven other children and the abuse is mainly verbal but sometimes leads to pushing and shoving in the corridors.

Leah claims the school has done little to help Celina and has refused to help her home-school her daughter.

She said if she withdraws Celina from school she loses her right to a free education.

She said: “The school has let us down big time. I don’t believe they have an anti-bullying policy. It is on when it suits them.

“The school has been no support. She is getting bullied every day.

“Celina does not want to go to school to be picked on and be bullied and harassed. I have been told by teachers there is no evidence.”

Leah lives with her daughters in a home in Kingstone in a house owned by a housing association - she has asked to be moved.

But if Celina was to move home, she would need to continue going to Kingstone because it is too far into her crucial GCSE years, her mum said.

Leah added: “I begged the education department and the school to help me to get her home-schooled. But I was denied everything.”

She said she has contacted the school more than 100 times and said Celina is also bullied by children on the way to and from school.

“I want the school to help me educate my daughter and to do it in a way to make her feel safe,” Leah said.

Kingstone High School referred enquiries to Herefordshire Council.

They said: “Bullying is a serious matter. Schools must have a behaviour policy; this policy may include details on how schools tackle bullying.

“Parents have the right to choose to educate their child at home. Details on elective home education can be found on the Herefordshire Council website.”