Many an ageing punk harbours fond memories of seeing a favourite band at The Winter Gardens in Malvern, and one in particular - Stiff Little Fingers, which evolved from Highway Star - gets more mentions than most.

The four-piece band from Belfast came to prominence in 1979 after being played by John Peel and their debut album, Inflammable Material, went to number one in the indie charts - a pair of Catholics and two Protestants singing about things like the futility of the Northern Ireland troubles was a remarkable thing and they quickly gained respect.

Fast forward and, following a number of changes, original members lead guitarist Henry Cluney and drummer Jim Reilly revealed to Hereford's Steve Niblett that they were talking about touring again under the XSLF banner. "I immediately put them on the spot," says Steven, "and made a booking for XSLF to come to Hereford, which they did in August 2013 to a packed out crowd at the Hereford Starlite Rooms, their maiden mainland gig. "Now they can’t keep away, coming to Hereford at Christmas four out of the last five years and declaring that Hereford is their second home." Playing tracks from the first three SLF albums before Jim left the band and new tracks from their album Arrup Bang, XSLF are back in town at the Victory on Saturday, December 15."

To kick the night off, combining the old with the new, The Deadbeats are a refreshing young band playing the new wave sounds of late 70s to mid 80s and gathering a sizeable local following.

XSLF and The Deadbeats will be at The Victory from 8pm to 11.30pm on Saturday December 15. For advance tickets, call 07931 862645.

"Many thanks to Chris Plane of Station Motors, Leominster for helping to make this happen (again)," adds Steve.