A MURDERER known as “the Monster of Worcester" will walk free from prison.

David McGreavy, 67, killed three young children at their home in Worcester, before impaling their bodies outside on a neighbour’s fence, in Gillam Street, Rainbow Hill.

It has been confirmed by the Parole Board that McGreavy is set to be released following an oral hearing.

A document from the Parole Board about McGreavy's case said that over the 45 years in custody, McGreavy has changed "considerably".

It added: "He has developed self-control, as well as a considerable understanding of the problems that he has had and what caused them.

"The psychologist identified a number of factors which make it less likely that Mr McGreavy will reoffend in future.

"These included his improved self-control and the fact that Mr McGreavy has learnt to remain calm in stressful situations."

The Parole Board said: "Parole Board decisions are solely focused on whether a prisoner would represent a significant risk to the public after release.

"The panel will have carefully looked at a whole range of evidence, including details of the original evidence and any evidence of behaviour change."

McGreavy was just 21 when he murdered the siblings Paul Ralph, aged 4, and his sisters Dawn, aged 2, and Samantha, who was just nine months old at the time.

He was a family friend and lodger at the Worcester home of Elsie (who is also known as Dorothy) and husband Clive Ralph and babysat their children for two years until the brutal murders.

On April 13, 1973 the couple had left him to babysit on the night. When they returned home, they discovered the house in a mess and blood everywhere.

At 1.20am, a police officer found the bodies of the three children impaled on some metal-spiked garden railings between gardens.

Paul had been strangled, Dawn was found with her throat cut, and Samantha was beaten to death.

McGreavy was sentenced to life for the murders, with a minimum term of 20 years, after claiming he killed the children because one of them would not stop crying.

He has been nicknamed “the Real Friday the 13th Killer" in addition to “the Monster of Worcester” for his offences.