A NIGHTCLUB boss in Worcester has been cleared of forcing a young woman to take cocaine before sexually assaulting her in a club storeroom, but was convicted of possession after he tried to wash the drug down his bathroom sink.

Darren Pinches, of the city's Bushwackers nightspot, wept and gave a deep sigh of relief as he was cleared of two sexual offences against a woman he was accused of assaulting in a nightclub storeroom and stared ahead without expression as the remaining verdicts came in.

Pinches, who also owns Browns at the Quay in Worcester, was found not guilty of administering a substance (cocaine) with intent to stupefy or overpower a woman to enable him to commit a sexual offence and has also been acquitted of a sexual assault against the same woman, then aged 20, on New Year's Day last year.

The jury came back with their verdicts on four of the five counts at Warwick Crown Court today after a trial which lasted more than three weeks.

The jury of six men and six women was out for about six hours deliberating.

The panel retired on Thursday of last week and did not sit at all on Friday before returning with their verdicts at around 3pm today.

The 52-year-old of Bromyard Road, Worcester, was convicted of possession of cocaine after he was caught by police flushing the class A drug down the sink of his home in Fernhill Heath on January 13 last year. Officers took him to the floor.

He was cleared of supplying cocaine to a woman at the Crypt and an apartment at the quay on February 10, 2016, where she claimed the two had engaged in consensual sexual activity on a bed.

But Pinches told the jury that floodwater would have prevented access unless the woman was wearing waders and described the business as 'a building site' at the time.

Carpenter Thomas Bailey who oversaw the work was called as a witness, saying work began in around late November to convert the building into 11 hotel rooms and at the time of the alleged offence would have had no walls and no furniture.

The water had been isolated, the building 'stank' because of the floodwater and there was no electricity.

He said the building was 'a shell' and and 'a building site', telling the jury, "We pretty much took the whole building apart."

No verdict has yet been reached on count five which is an allegation made by a third woman that Pinches offered to supply cocaine at Browns on September 10, 2015.

Michael Burrows QC conducted Pinches's defence throughout the trial.

At an earlier stage in the trial he told the jury: "The sad reality is that people do make false allegations and you may never discover the reason they're making those false allegations."

Throughout Mr Burrows said the woman who had accused Pinches of sexual assault had told 'lie after lie after lie to get attention from her mother' including that she had miscarried twins and had been checked for cancer.

He stressed that the complainant's evidence that she had kicked open a door to the storeroom as she fled could not have been true as the storeroom did not have a door and, even when it did, that door would have opened into the room.

Mr Burrows also emphasised the friendship between the woman who had accused Pinches of sexual assault and the woman who said he had supplied her with cocaine at the Crypt and an apartment at the Quay, allegations of which he has now been acquitted.

In his summing up earlier in the trial judge Anthony Potter told the jury that one of the issues they would have to consider was the possibility of 'collusion' between complainants.

Pinches gave evidence from the witness box, breaking down in tears when his wife and children who were present at the time of his arrest on January 13 last year were mentioned.

Sometimes Pinches, who has asthma, would take puffs on his inhaler. He told the jury his arrest was 'the worst day of my life' and acknowledged he had attempted to wash cocaine down his sink before he was taken to the floor by police.

The jury will resume deliberations tomorrow on the remainding count on the indictment.