AS part of the Herefordshire 'Stop the drop' campaign villagers in Peterchurch supported the Peterchurch litter team in removing 22kg of litter and rubbish around the village and Hinton recently.

The team split into three groups focussing on the back lanes, children's playground area and the B4348 road running through the village centre.

Organiser Graham Cox explained the reason for the litter pick "In May the team had already removed 25kg of plastic rubbish which had been left around our beautiful landscape in recent years.

"This time, because foliage had died back it was easier to get right into hedges and roadside cover to remove rubbish that had accumulated and not been seen.

"Litter dropping is still a problem even in rural areas and we could work all week in this area to tackle the ongoing problem of people dropping plastic packaging from their cars.

"We have plans to broaden our activity and tackle some of these roadside issues as this rubbish ends up in our rivers and environment for years".

Future litter picks are being planned and more volunteers are needed to plan an ongoing campaign to reduce this blight on the landscape.

Get in touch with Graham on 07904439270.