The honour falls to the Hereford Times to publish 3,213 names.

They are remarkable names, for they are the men and women of 
Herefordshire who died serving their country in the First World War.

We publish this stark roll of honour – in partnership with Herefordshire Council – as a reminder, if one were needed, of the awful scale of our county’s sacrifice. 

These people, dead now for a century, are no vague figures from the past. They are the grandparents, great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents of families who live in Herefordshire today. Their loss is still felt in their hearts.

The names of the fallen were read out aloud in a tribute to mark the centenary of the First World War armistice at Hereford Cathedral earlier this month.

Here at the Hereford Times we searched through this list for Herbert Brooke, whose death was reported in a notice reproduced here.

Hereford Times:

He was a reporter at this newspaper who signed up to fight at the age of 16. When it was discovered he was underage they sent him home.

But he re-enlisted when he was 18 and was later killed.

He was described as a “promising and courteous member of the profession”.
We salute him, and 3,212 others. 

Full name; distinction (if any); branch of forces/civilian status (where known)

John Joseph Abberley Army

Frank Maclean Abbott Royal Navy

Harry Abbott Army

James Abbott Army

Thomas Walker Abbott Royal Flying Corps

Albert Abel Army

Frederick James Abel Army

Thomas Abell Canadian Navy

William Milburn Ackrill Army

James Acton Army

Charles Adams Army

Frederick T Adams Army

George Adams Army

Henry Adams Army

W Adams Army

William Henry Adams Army

James Adamson Military Medal Army

John Arthur Addis Army

William John Addis Army

Edward John Adlington Army

Martin Chicheley Albright Army

George Alcott Army

William John Alderson Army

Nelson J Aldridge Military Medal Army

Albert Alecock Army

Jim Allen

William Henry Allen Army

Cecil Amos Army

James Amos Army

William Amos Army

Harry Lea Andrew Army

Arthur George Andrews Army

Edward Sylvester Andrews Army

Francis Edward Andrews Army

Francis William Becham Andrews Canadian Forces

Thomas Andrews Army

WC Andrews Army

William Andrews Military Medal Army

William Charles Andrews Army

WJ Andrews Royal Air Force

Gerald Caldecott Anthony Army

Percy Anthony Army

Thomas Appelbee Army

Frederick Charles Apperley Army

John Apperley Army

Ernest Edward Arbery Royal Flying Corps

John Thomas George Archer Army

William Archer Army

William James Archer Army

Albert Edward Arnold Army

Ernest William Arnold Army

Wilfrid Joseph Arnold Army

William Arthur Arnold Army

Alfred Arrowsmith Army

Thomas Alfred Arrowsmith Army

Joseph Ash Army

Thomas Wakefield Ashby Army

Geoffrey William Paley Ashmore Army

Thomas Ashton Army

Albert Lewis Ashurst Army

Gladstone George Aspey Army

Charles Joseph Aspley Army

Guy Cheselden Reuell Atkinson Army

Hugh Wordsworth Atlay Distinguished Service Order Army

C Attwood Army

Ernest Frederick Attwood Army

William Attwood Army

Reginald Walter Attwool Army

Winifred Aulsebrook Rotherwas Munitions

James Joseph Austin Army

Phillip Edward Austin Army

Andrew Austins Royal Navy

Thomas Averill Army

William Jeffries Ayers Army

Charles John Aylett Army

Arthur William Baber Army

Frank Henry Bacon Army

John Bacon Army

Thomas Badger Army

Alfred Badham Army

Benjamin Badham Army

George Badham Army

Harold James Badham Army

Charles Thomas Baggott Army

Frank Baggott Army

Frank Bagley Army

Benjamin Thomas Bailey Army

George Edward Bailey Army

James Bailey

John Lancelot Bailey Army

Leonard Bailey Army

Robert Hamilton Baillie Australian Forces

Arthur Edward Carrow Baines Army

Peggy Baird Garrick Theatre Casualty

Albert Thomas Baker Army

Alfred James Baker Army

Charles Baker Army

Ernest George Baker Army

Frederick Charles Baker Army

George Baker Canadian Forces

George Baker Army

George Henry Baker Army

Horatio Harold Roberts Baker Australian Forces

James Baker Army

James Benjamin Baker Army

James Henry Baker Army

Percy Richard Baker Canadian Forces

Reginald Charles Baker Army

Richard Baker Military Medal Army

William Harold Baker Army

Hubert Reginald Baldwin Royal Navy

Sidney Ralph Baldwin Army

Ernest Frederick Ball Army

Charles Edward Penfold Ballard Army

Ernest Ballard Army

George Ballinger Canadian Forces

Vivian Wilfred Banchini Army

Walter Herbert Banchini Army

Cecil Banks Army

Frederick Henry Banks Australian Forces

John William Banks Military Cross Army

Joseph Bannister Military Medal Army

AE Barber Army

Albert Thomas Barber Army

Alfred Oswald Barber Army

EA Barber Army

Henry Barber Army

Joseph Henry Barber Army

Ernest Arthur Barker Army

Albert Victor Barlow Army

Albert Henry Barnes Canadian Forces

Harry Charles Barnes Army

Herbert Barnes Army

Alexander Archibald Barnett Distinguished Conduct Medal Army

Edwin Austin Barnett Army

Francis Edwin Barnett Army

Raymond Whitmore Barnett Army

Robert James Barnett Army

Stephen Benjamin Barnett Army

William Arthur Barnett Army

Frank Barrell Royal Navy

George Barrell Army

Vincent Barrell Army

William Barrell Army

William Albert Barrell Army

James Cecil Barrett Army

John Edwin Barrett Canadian Forces

Percival Sydney Barrett Army

William A Barrett Army

Richard Barrington Army

Ernest Bartlett Army

Frederick Bartlett Army

Victor Percy Bartlett Army

Charles John Barton Army

Herbert Langford Bascombe Army

Ralph Hopton Baskerville Army

John Henry Bates Army

Stanes Geoffrey Bates Army

Frederick Howard Baugh Army

James Thomas Baugh Army

William George Baugh Army

Colin Eric Baumgarten Army

Thomas Paul Bauser

Hubert Lockington Bayfield Army

Frederrick Harold Bayliss Army

Reginald John Bayliss Army

Thomas Bayliss Army

Henry Charles Baynham Army

John Ernest Bazeley Army

Charles Beadle Army

Alfred Ernest Beale Army

William Ernest Beale Military Medal Army

Arthur Beard Army

John Stanley Beard Army

Edward Reginald Beatley Canadian Forces

Forrest Miles Beauchamp Canadian Forces

Penrith Sutton Beauchamp Army

George Beaumont Army

William Beaumont Army

Cissie Beavan Garrick Theatre casualty

Daniel Charles Beavan Army

James Henry Beavan Army

Norman Beavan

Thomas Beavan Army

Wilfrid Price Beavan Army

William Beavan Army

Arthur Beazley Army

Frederick William Bebb Army

Sidney Richard Beddoes Army

Walter Beddows Army

Charles Edward Bedell Army

Charles Beech Army

Harry Beeden Army

Charlie Beeks Army

Frederick Bell Canadian Forces

John Bell Army

James William Benbow Army

John Lewis Benbow Army

Leonard Graham Bendall Army

Thomas William Bengough Army

George Bengree Army

James Bengree Army

James Norman Bennett Australian Forces

Ralph Bennett Army

George Norman Berney Army

John Albert Berrow Army

Arthur Charles Berry Army

George Thomas Berry Royal Navy

John Bethell Army

Samuel John Bethell Army

Thomas Henry Bethell Army

Edwin George Bettington Army

John Uppington Betty Army

George Bevan Army

John Bevan Army

Kenneth Percival Stephen Bevan Army

Pryce Samuel Bevan Army

Thomas Bevan Army

Thomas George Samuel Bevan Army

Thos Bevan Army

William Norman Bevan Army

Wilfred Edgar Bezant Army

James Cecil Biddle Army

James Pearson Biddle Army

Arthur Basil George Biggerton-Evans Army

Ernest Richard Biggs Army

Charles Joseph Billings Army

William Henry Billings Army

Charles Henry Bird Army

Charles James Bird Army

George Bird Military Medal Army

John Bird Army

William Thomas Bird Army

George Albert Birks Army

Chas William Bishop Army

Edwin Whitmore Bishop Army

Thomas Henry Bishop Army

Edward James Blacker Army

Charles Robert Blackett Army

Charles Blainey Army

Edward Blake Army

George Frederick Blakeway Army

Oscar Stanley Blakstad Canadian Forces

Charles Henry Bland Royal Navy

John Bruce Blaxland Army

Charles Blaydon Royal Navy

Reginald Cecil Blissett Army

George Bloomfield Army

John Henry Bloomfield Army

Robert Bloomfield Army

Albert John Boast Army

Vincent Coke Boddington Army

Hyacinth Edward Henry Bodenham Army

Robert Bedlingham Bodycomb Army

Bertram Leslie Bolt Army

Charles Thomas Bond Army

Walter Booton Army

Graham Bromhead Bosanquet Military Cross, Legion d'Honour Army

William Boscoe Army

Francis Edward Bosley Army

Harold Thomas Bosley Army

Alfred Oswald Boswell Army

Thomas Bottom Army

William Bottom Army

Warren Ivor Boucher Army

William Charles Boucher Army

Benjamin Bounds Army

George Thomas Bounds Army

Albert Edward Bourton Army

Samuel Joseph Bouston Army

Henry Bowden Army

Albert William Bowen Army

Cyril Bowen Army

Ernest Bowen Army

Fred Pickford Bowen Royal Marines

George Frederick Bowen Army

Pryce Thomas Bowen Army

Wilfred Lodowick Bowen Army

William Bowen Army

Charles Bowers Army

Henry Hayes Bowers Army

Alfred Edward Bowkett Army

James William Bowkett Army

James Bowstead Army

Edgar George Brace Army

Leonard Brace Army

Reginald Ernest Brace Army

Albert George Bradley Army

Bert Bradley Army

Charles Bradley Army

Walter Bradley Army

Walter Bradley Army

Walter Bradney Army

Harold James Bradshaw Army

Connie Bragg Garrick Theatre Casualty

Edmund Brash Army

Almond John Bratt Army

James Alexis Bray Army

John Henry Bray Army

Leonard Bray Army

William Edward Bray Army

William Thomas Brazier Army

EJ Breakwell Royal Navy

Arthur Breeze Army

Roderick Breeze Army

Thomas Brickley Army

Leonard Bridge Army

Albert Bridges Army

Charles Bridges Army

John Bridges Army

Walter Bridges Army

Colwyn Frank Briggs Army

Henry Brimfield Army

Ernest Brisland Army

Richard Arthur Brittain Royal Air Force

Arthur Herbert Britten Military Cross Army

Charles Edward Britten Army

Alfred Ernest (John) Bromage Army

James Albert Bromley Military Medal Army

Arthur Bromwich Royal Air Force

Herbert Waite Brooke Army

Archie Percival Brookes Army

Charles Brookes Army

Charles Brookes Army

Frank Trevor Brookes Army

Frederick George Brookes Army

James Julian Brookes Army

Laurence Arthur Brookes Army

Robert William Brookes Army

Thomas Brookes Army

Ernest Godfrey Brooks Army

Samuel Brooks Royal Flying Corps

Hugh Freeth Gilbert Brooksbank Army

Thomas Broome Army

Albert George Brown Army

Arthur Brown Army

Arthur John Brown Australian Forces

Charles Arthur Brown Army

Ernest James Brown Army

Fred Brown Army

Henry Walter Brown Army

J Brown Army

James Brown Army

William Brown Army

William Martin Brown Army

James Brown Army

William John Bryan Army

George Frederick Percival Bryant Army

William Bryant Army

Alfred John Bubb Army

Alan Buchanan Army

David Neil Griffiths Buchanan Indian Army

James Leslie Buckman Army

Frederick Bufton Army

William Arthur Bufton Army

William Henry Bufton Army

Llewellyn Alfred Henry Bulkeley Army

Tom Bull Army

Vincent Keeble Bullen Royal Navy

Allen Bullock Army

Edward Bullock Army

George Bullock Royal Marines

William Bullock Army

Geoffrey Percival Bulmer Military Cross Royal Flying Corps

James Alfred Bundy Army

Albert Thomas Bunn Army

George Bunn Army

Edgar Victor Bunting Army

Percy Gaston Burborough Army

Cecil John Burbridge Army

Almond Trevosa Burden Army

Arthur George Mccausland Burn Military Cross Army

Fassett Arbouin Burnett Army

Geoffrey Asteley Burney Royal Flying Corps

Walter George Burningham Army

William Matthew Burrell Army

Francis Thomas Burrough Army

George Burton Army

William Stanley Burton Canadian Forces

Archibald Frank Burwood Army

Ernest James Bury Army

Henry Richard Butcher Army

William George Butcher Army

George Butler Army

Frederick Claude Butt Army

Richard Acton Butt Army

William George Butterworth Royal Marines

Walter Henry Byard Army

William Bywaters Army

John Hartland Cadle Army

Andrew Cecil Cadmore Army

John Cadwallader Army

Alfred Cady Army

William Caffull Army

Edward Hedley Caffyn Army

Charles Cahill Army

Albert Caines Army

Harry Bertram Caines Army

Leonard Arthur Calder Army

Frederick Caldicott Army

George William Caldwell Army

John Cale Army

Thomas James Cale Army

Donald George Cameron Canadian Forces

Angus Woodhouse Campbell Army

James Campbell

Henry Charles Carden Distinguished Service Order Army

Edward Carey Army

Wilfrid Townshend Carless Army

William Henry Carless Army

Ernest William Carpenter Army

Albert Carter Merchant Navy

Bernard James Carter Army

George Lewis Carter Army

Herbert Carter Army

Percy Albert Carter Army

Charles Cartwright Army

Eric Percival St. George Cartwright Army

Henry Cartwright Army

Ronald William St. George Cartwright Royal Flying Corps

William Cartwright Army

Douglas George Carver Royal Navy

Walter Lionel Carver Army

Frederick John Caselton Army

Thomas John Casson Army

Henry Thomas Castree Army

Cecil Kerwood Cater Army

James Percival Cater Army

Arthur Cecil Caunt Army

Gordon Cave Royal Navy

Percy Worrall Cave Canadian Forces

Harold Thomas Cawley Army

John Stephen Cawley Army

Oswald Cawley Army

Archibald Chadd Army

Benjamin Chadd Royal Navy

Robert Cyril Chadd Royal Navy

Walter Clifford Chadd Army

Ernest Chadney Army

Leonard Challis Army

Hedley George Challoner Army

Christopher Percy Chamberlain Army

Ernest Chamberlain Royal Navy

Ernest James Chamberlain Army

Thomas Chamberlain Army

Eustace George Chance Army

Charles Thomas Chapman Army

Edward Henry Chapman Army

Edwin Chapman Army

George Chapman Army

Philip Evershed Chapman Army

William Henry Charity Army

Tom Charles Army

William Henry Charles Australian Forces

Edward Charlton Army

C Chattaway

William Cheadle Army

Charles Cheffers Army

Charles Ernest Cheshire Army

Ernest Stanley Chester Army

James Henry Chester Army

Hugh Chignell Army

John Arthur Childe-Freeman Military Cross Army

John Childs Army

Charles Chirnside Army

Charles Chittenden Army

A Chorley

Albert Edward Christopher Army

Herbert Christopher Army

Thomas Churchill Army

Cyril Clack Canadian Forces

Cecil H Clark Army

Herbert Clark Army

Leslie William Clark Army

William Clark Army

William Clark Army

Arthur Frederick Clarke Army

Charles Clarke Army

Hector Edward Clarke Army

Henry Clarke Army

Lionel G Clarke Army

Richard Thomas Clarke Army

Robert Shuttleworth Clarke Army

Robert William Clarke Army

Thomas Clarke Army

William Clarke Army

William Charles Clarke Army

William Thomas Clarke Army

William Thomas Clarke Army

David Harold Clarkson Army

Albert Clayton Army

William Clayton Army

Thomas Charles Cleaton Army

Arthur Clements Army

Reginald Francis Clements Military Cross Army

Alfred Cleveley Military Medal Army

Herbert Cleveley Army

William Clifton Army

Percy Allen Clissett Royal Navy

Percy Archer Clive Distinguished Service Order Army

James Close Army

Warren Peter Clowes Army

Phillip George Coates Army

William Henry Coates New Zealand Forces

Arthur Henry Cobbledick Army

William J Cobley Army

William Colborn Army

Henry Colburn Army

Leonard Colder Army

Frederick Alexander Cole Army

Norman Frank Ewart Cole Army

William George Cole Army

Alfred Ernest known as John Colebatch Army

Samuel Arthur Pateshall Colebatch Army

Charles Coleman Canadian Forces

Herbert Coleman Army

Herbert Edward Coleman Canadian Forces

George Collard Army

Cecil John Collett Army

Donald George Colley Army

William James Colley Army

Harold Edmund Collins Army

Thomas George Collins Army

William George Collins Army

Charles John Colwell Army

Leonard William Colwell Army

HE Comley Army

Geoffrey Lee Compton-Smith Distinguished Service Orderl Army

Edward Reginald Conn Army

Charles Edward Cook Army

EA Cook Army

Gilbert Henry Cook Army

Herbert Henry Cook Canadian Forces

James Cook Army

JR Cook

Thomas George Cook Army

Alfred Edwin Cooke Army

Frank Wilfred Cooke Army

Harold Lynford Cooke Army

Harry Cooke Army

James Henry Cooke Army

John Cooke Army

Thomas William Cooke Army

Wilfred Cooke Army

William Cooke Army

William Holt Cooke Army

Robert Henry Coomby Army

Thomas Gerald Coomby Army

William Coomby Army

Albert William Cooper Army

Frank Cooper Army

Frederick Percival Cooper Army

George Cooper Army

George Cooper Army

James Cooper Army

John Cooper Army

Tom Cooper Army

William Albert Cooper Army

William Henry Cooper Army

Frank Copeland Army

Charles Henry Corbett Army

David Albert Corbett Army

George Corbett Army

William George Corbett Army

Violet Corey Garrick Theatre Casualty

Hubert John Corfield Army

Edward Charles Cornock Army

Frank Cottrell Army

Hubert John Cottrell Army

Thomas Leonard Counsell Army

Cyril Perry Court Army

Reginald Walter Southwood Court Army

Arthur Samuel Cowdell Army

PA Cowden Army

Harry Gardiner Cowell Army

Frank Cowles Australian Forces

Thomas Henry Cowles Army

Alfred James Cowmeadow Army

Albert Cox

Rolf Cox Army

Samuel Coxshall Army

James Craddock Army

Harry Anthony Creed Australian Forces

Osmond Creed Army

Sir Herbert Archer Croft Army

Albert H Crompton Army

George William Cropper Army

George Cross Army

Stanley Cross Canadian Forces

Stanley John Cross Army

William Harold Cross Army

Alan Hastings Crossley Army

Allan Forsyth Crosthwaite Army

Ernest John Crouch Royal Navy

Percy Crump Army

Sidney Curling

Eric Calvin Curtis Army

Gustavus William Custance Royal Navy

Harold Cutfield Army

Ernest George Cutler Army

Francis Dale Army

Sidney James Dale Army

William Dalley Army

Frank Bennett Dallow Army

Harry Arthur Dallow Army

Walter Dallow Army

William Ewart Dallow Army

Charles Phillip Dance Australian Forces

Thomas George Dance Army

William Ernest Dance Army

John Arthur Daniel Army

Ernest Arthur Daniels Army

Vyvyan Hope Lancelot Davenport Army

Aaron Thomas Davies Army

Albert Davies Army

Albert Aaron Davies Army

Albert Edward Davies Army

Albert Edward Davies Army

Albert George Davies Army

Albert George Davies Royal Navy

Alfred James Davies Army

Archibald Davies Army

Archibald Thomas Davies Army

Arthur Davies Military Medal Army

Arthur George Davies Army

Arthur George Davies Army

Arthur Henry Davies Army

Benjamin Rees Davies Royal Flying Corps

CC Davies Army

Charles Davies Army

Charles Davies Army

Charles William Davies Army

Daniel William Davies Royal Marines

Edmund Percival Barrett Davies Army

Francis Davies Canadian Forces

Frank Davies Army

Frank Davies Army

Frank Davies Army

Fred G Davies Army

Frederick George Davies Army

Frederick George Davies Army

Frederick James Davies Army

George Davies Army

George Davies Army

George Davies Army

George Davies Army

George Davies Army

George Ernest Davies Army

George Henry Davies Army

George Herbert Davies Army

Gilbert Davies Army

Harry Davies Army

Henry John Davies Army

Herbert Edward Gordon Davies Army

Herbert Thomas Davies Army

James Davies Army

James Davies

James Ernest Davies Army

John Davies Army

John known as Jack Davies Army

John Ernest Davies Army

John Francis Davies Army

John Herbert Davies Canadian Forces

Leslie Frank Davies Army

Lewis Davies Army

LJ Davies

Owen Davies Army

Percival Ernest Davies Army

R Davies Army

Reuben Davies Army

Roderick Simpson Llewellyn Davies Army

Stanley Edward Davies Army

Sydney Davies Army

Thomas Davies Army

Thomas Davies Army

Thomas Davies Army

Thomas Davies Army

Thomas George Davies Royal Navy

Thomas Joseph Davies Army

Thomas T Davies Army

Trevor Dodd Davies Canadian Forces

WG Davies Army

William Davies Army

William Davies Army

William George Davies Army

William Hamer Davies Army

William John Davies Army

William Joseph Davies Army

Alexander John Richard Davis Army

Charles Edwin Davis Army

F Davis Army

Frederick Davis Army

Henry Davis Army

James Davis Army

Ronald Herbert Davis Royal Air Force

George Daw Army

Harry James Daw Army

James Henry Daw Army

William Daw Army

William George Dawe Army

Luther Adolphus Dawes Army

Albert Dawson Army

George Francis Hermitage Day Army

George Henry Day Army

Leslie Terrett Day Army

TH Day Army

John Deakin Army

John Deakin Army

Thomas Deakin Army

George Henry Deem Army

Robert Edmund Denny Canadian Forces

Albert James Derrick Army

Frank Thomas Derry Army

William Percival Derry Army

George Frederick Detheridge Army

Percival Arthur Charles Detheridge Military Medal Army

Albert Dew Army

Henry Thomas Dew Army

WT Dew Army

John Deykes Army

Herbert Dicker Army

Frederick Dix Army

James Dix Army

Jack Dixon Army

William Harold Dobbs Army

John Dobson Army

Albert Edward Donovan Army

Harry Douch Army

John Edward Doudney Canadian Forces

Alfred Edward Dover Army

George Henry Dovey Army

John Edward Downes Army

John Harley Downes Army

Oswald Downes Army

Owen Downes Army

Herbert John Downing Army

John Doyle Army

Albert Edward Drew Army

John Watson Drew Army

Thomas Drew Army

William George Dimsey Drew Army

WT Drew Army

Albert Drinkwater Army

Percy Stroud Drinkwater Military Medal Army

Samuel Victor Drinkwater Army

William Thomas Drinkwater Army

Henry Murray Drummond Army

Nigel Felton Drummond Army

Cosmo Lewis Duff-Gordon Army

Thomas Charles Duffty Army

Arthur Duggan Army

George Duggan Army

Reginald William Dullam Army

Robert Dunkeld Army

Phillip Dunn Army

Charles Allen Durdle Army

Stanley James Durnell Army

George Dutson Army

Willie Dutson Army

Autbert Christopher Cedric Dutton South African Forces

Frank Austen Dutton Army

Horace Frederick Dutton Army

Gilbert Dyke Army

Charles Dykes Army

Edward James Dykes Army

Joseph Dykes Army

Joseph Dykes Army

Ralph Dykes Army

Edgar Eagling Army

Harold Earby New Zealand Forces

Lewis Earl Army

Alfred Edward East Army

Harold Henry East Army

Lewis John East Army

William Thomas East Army

Donald Edward Easthope Army

John William Edmonds Army

Reginald Edmonds Army

Harry Edmundson Army

Amos James Edwards Army

Charles Leonard Edwards Army

Frank Edwards Army

Frank Ernest Edwards Army

Frederick John Edwards

George Henry Edwards Army

Harry/Henry Edwards Army

James Henry Edwards Army

Leonard Hubert Edwards Army

Perry Edwards Army

Robert Jarman Edwards Army

Roland Edwards Army

Thomas Edwards Army

Thomas Henry Edwards Army

Vincent Edwards Canadian Forces

William Edwards Army

William Frederick Edwards Army

Jesse Elcox Army

William Richard Elleway Army

David Ellis Army

Frederick Ellis Army

John Reginald Hutchinson Ellis Canadian Forces

Leonard Ellis Army

William Ellis Army

Albert Elsmore

Reginald Thomas Cheshire Elsmore Royal Navy

Ernest Elton Army

Albert Embrey Canadian Forces

Herbert E Emerson Army

Jasper Horace Emerson Army

Edward Thomas Emery Army

Arthur William Enoch Army

Frederick Albert Edward Epps Army

Eckley Oxtoby Etheridge Army

Ernest Henry Etheridge Army

Albert Evans Army

Arthur Evans Army

AS Evans Army

AT Evans Army

Charles Evans Army

David Evans Army

David Evans Army

EA Evans Army

Edward Evans Army

Edward Juson Evans Army

Ernest S Evans

G Herbert Evans Army

George Harold Crossley Evans Army

Harold Ernest Huntley Evans Army

John Evans Army

John Evans Army

John Evans Royal Navy

John Evans Army

John Albert Evans Army

John Trevor Stuart Evans Army

Joseph Evans Army

Leonard William Evans Army

Lionel Charles Evans Army

Percy Evans Army

Percy James Evans Army

Reginald Thomas Cheshire Evans Canadian Forces

Thomas Evans Army

William Evans Army

William Charles Evans Army

William Francis Hollands Evans Army

George Eversham Army

Henry Arthur Eversham Army

Chetwode Percy Evill Military Cross Indian Army

John Arthur Exall Army

Egerton Fairclough Army

Edgar Falconer Army

Frederick Richard Faraday Canadian Forces

Henry Herbert Jonathan Fardon Army

Reginald Francis Farley Royal Marines

Ernest Farley served as Herbert Army

Percy Farmer Army

Phillip Farmer Army

John Phillip Farr Army

Philip Bennett Farr Army

George William Farrington Army

Richard Christopher Farrington Australian Forces

Albert Faulkner Army

Reginald Faulkner Army

Sidney Robert Faulkner Army

William Faulkner Army

William Henry Faulkner Army

James Faulks Army

John Faulks Army

Richard Fell Army

Tom Fenn Army

Ernest Field Army

George Alfred Field Army

GR Fielding Army

Edward Henry Fiennes-Clinton Australian Forces

Charles Finch Army

Henry Finch Army

Thos Edward Fishbourne Army

George Frank Fishpool Army

William Henry Fishwick Army

Cyril Frederick Dennis Fitch Army

Frederick George Fleckner Army

Albert James Fleetwood Army

Arthur Thomas Fleetwood Canadian Forces

William Fleetwood Army

Edwin Alma Guy Fletcher Army

James Fletcher Army

Austin Henry Floyd Army

Charles William Floyd Army

David John Floyd Army

Sidney George Fluck Royal Navy

Thomas Algernon Fitzgerald Foley Army

William Footer Army

Jack Frederick Lionel Footitt Royal Navy

Felix W Ford Army

Sidney Ford Army

Thomas William Ford Army

Edgar Albert Fortey Army

Joseph Fortnum Canadian Forces

Josiah Forty Army

Arthur Cedric Foster Army

JG Foster Army

Thomas Foster Army

Granville Thomas Batley Fowler Army

Herbert Fowler Army

William Henry Fowler Army

Herbert Fox Army

Reginald Wilson Fox Army

Thomas Foxall Army

Alfred Arthur Francis Army

Edward Alexander Francis Army

George Francis Army

George Francis Army

John J Francis Army

Thomas Francis Army

Donovan Edgar Freeman Army

Henry Freeman Army

John Freeman Army

John Stephen Freeman Army

William James Freer Army

William Jesse Henry French Army

William James Fry Army

Ernest Fryer Army

Frederick William Fuller Army

Percy Benjamin Galliers Army

Tom Gammond Army

Thomas John Gardener Army

Allan Gardiner Army

Arthur William Gardiner Army

Ellis Hubert Gardiner Army

James Sydenham Gardiner Army

William James Gardiner Army

Arthur R Gardner Army

George Frederick Gardner Army

Melville Willoughby Gardner Army

William George Gardner Merchant Navy

William Geoffrey Garfield Army

Alfred Garner Army

Thomas Garness Army

Ivan William Garnett Army

Ivo Clifton Gascoigne Army

Charles John Gear Army

Peter Gedge Army

Alfred Evan George Army

Arthur George Army

Ernest George Army

John George Australian Forces

Stanley George Army

Thomas Fred George Army

William Thomson George Army

Edward Gerrard Army

Richard Thomas Gerrard Army

Eric Noel Getting Army

George Reynold Gibbins Army

Joseph Miller Gibbins Army

Albert Claude Gibbons Army

Charles Henry Gibbons Army

George Gibbons Army

George Thomas Gibbs Army

James Albert Gibbs Army

Percy Charles Gibbs Army

James Gibson Army

Albert Gerald Giddings Army

Lewis James Gilbert Army

Levi Giles Army

Albert Edward Gilks Army

William Thomas Gill Army

Sidney Girling Army

Sidney Gordon Girling Army

Alan Thomas Gittens Army

Edgar Arthur George Gittens Army

Herbert H Gittens Army

William Gladwin Army

William Gladwyn Army

Frank Goddard Army

AE Godsall Army

Alfred Godsall Army

George Henry Godsall Army

Alexander Wilson Goldie South African Forces

Thomas Golding Army

Frank Gooch Army

Stanley Gilbert Good Army

Alban Goodall Army

Edward Goode Army

Harry Goode Army

William Thomas Goode Army

Thomas Goodman Army

Ernest Leslie Goodwin Australian Forces

Francis Willie Goodwin Military Cross Australian Forces

Henry Goodwin Army

Thomas Goodwin Army

William Ephraim Tudor Goodwin Army

William James Goodwin Army

Herbert Thomas Gore Army

Arthur Llewellyn Gorton Indian Army

Arthur Henry Gough Army

Claude Bertram Gough Army

Edward Gough Army

Ernest Harry Gough Army

John Thomas Grady Army

T Fred Grainger Army

William Henry Grandfield Army

Henry Norman Grant Army

Elliot Blair Grasett Indian Army

Henry George Gravenor Army

George William Graver Army

Robert Napier Greathead Army

Alfred Green Army

Charles Green Army

Charles Reginald Green Army

Francis Albert Green Royal Navy

Francis Bernard Green Army

Herbert Silas Green Royal Navy

James Green Army

John Henry Green Army

John Henry Green Army

Robert Henry Green Royal Navy

Thomas Green Army

Thomas Christopher Green Army

William James Green Army

Leysters Llewellyn Greener Military Cross Army

Thomas Henry Greening Army

William Henry Greenway Army

Francis Humphrey John Greswolde-Williams Army

Albert Edward Griffiths Military Medal Army

Alfred Griffiths Army

Arthur Llewellyn Griffiths Army

Arthur William Griffiths Army

Charles Griffiths Medaille Militaire Army

Charles Sandford Griffiths Army

Ernest John Griffiths Army

Frank Griffiths Army

Gilbert George Griffiths Army

Harold Griffiths Army

Henry Griffiths Army

James Griffiths Army

John Griffiths Army

John Griffiths

John Percy Griffiths Army

John William Griffiths Canadian Forces

Joseph Griffiths Army

Llewellyn Griffiths Army

Oscar Samuel Griffiths Army

Reginald Griffiths Army

Richard Arthur Griffiths Army

Thomas Griffiths Army

Tom Reginald Griffiths Army

William Griffiths Army

William Griffiths Army

William Charles Griffiths Army

William George Griffiths Army

William Henry Griffiths Army

William J Griffiths Canadian Forces

William John Griffiths Army

Harry Stanley Groom Army

Richard Cyril Groom Army

James William Groves Army

Richard Groves Army

George Grubb Army

Walter Grubb Army

George Grubham Army

Joseph Reginald Grundy Army

William Thomas Grundy New Zealand Forces

Francois Alois Gueldentops Belgian Army

William H Guilford Military Medal Army

Thomas Gummer Army

John Gummery Australian Forces

Reginald Ewart Gunn Army

James Gunter Army

Albert Edward Guntrip Army

Henry George Guntrip Army

George Thomas Gurmin Army

Albert Edward Gurney Army

Albert Thomas Gurney Army

Arthur Gurney Army

Henry Valentine Gurney Army

Leonard Gurney Army

Thomas Henry Guy Army

William Thomas Gwatkin Army

Alfred Gwilliam Army

Charles Henry Gwilliam Army

James Gwilliam Army

Stephen Gwilliam Army

Theophilus Gwilliam Army

Frank Llewelyn Gwillim Canadian Forces

Robert Gwydir Royal Navy

Charles Percy Gwyer Army

Cyril Gwyer Army

Albert Gwynne Army

Guy Llewellyn Gwyther Army

Charles Henry Hadaway Army

John Hadcocks Army

James Frederick Hain Army

George Albert Haines Army

Henry Robert Haines Army

James Haines Army

Percy Allen Haines Royal Air Force

Charles William Hale Army

James Hales Army

Albert Edward Hall Army

Albert William Hall Army

Arthur Hall Army

Arthur George Hall Army

Charles Henry Hall Army

Frank J. Hall Army

Frederick James Hall Army

George Edward Hall Army

John Hall Army

Reginald George Hall Army

Robert Hall Army

Thomas Lambert Hall Army

Walter Hall Army

William Hall Army

William Hall Army

Arthur Stanley Hallett Army

Andrew Halliday Army

James Halliday Army

Walter William Halls Army

Archibald Hamblin Army

Reginald William Hamblin Army

Albert Henry Hamer Army

George Hamer Army

Charles Gough Hamilton Army

Thomas Henry Hamlet Army

Thomas Hammond Army

Henry Stephen Hancock Army

Alfred Albert Hancox Army

Stephen Edwin Hancox Army

John Basil Hand Canadian Forces

Charles Handley Army

Charles William Hands Army

Walter Frederick Handy Army

Ernest Thomas Hanks Army

Thomas Hanlon Army

Francis John Hannam Royal Navy

Henry John Harding Royal Marines

Reginald Sidney Harding Army

William Ernest Harding Army

George Arthur Hards Army

Ernest Hardwick Army

Albert Douglas Harford Army

Rueben Hargest Army

Arthur Harley Army

Reginald Edward Harman Army

Timothy James Harmer Army

Arthur Harper Army

Charles Harper Army

Joseph Henry Harper Army

William R Harper Army

Albert Harris Army

Alfred Harris Army

Charles Cecil Harris Army

Charles Howard Harris Army

Charles Noel Harris Indian Army

Edward Harris Army

Frederick Thomas Harris Army

Gilbert Merrick Harris Army

John Harris Canadian Forces

John Harris Army

John Albert Harris Army

John Francis Harris Army

Percy Harris Army

Roy Harris Army

Sydney Davies Harris Army

Thomas Harris Army

Walter Henry Harris Army

W Harris Army

William Harris Army

William John Harris Army

Charles Harrison Army

Dennis Riley Harrison Army

Henry Harrison Army

Thomas William Harrison Army

Allen Richard Hart Army

Ansell Arthur Hart Canadian Forces

Arthur Herbert Hart Army

Reginald Hart Army

Sidney Joseph Hart Army

Walter Reginald Hart Army

William John Hartland Canadian Forces

John Stevenson Hartley Army

Jack Harvard Canadian Forces

John Harvey Army

Alfred Stanley Haskell Army

George Hassall Army

Albert Edward Hatchard Army

Tom Hatchard Army

Walter Hatchard Army

William Hatfield Army

Albert Henry Hathaway Army

Leonard Hathaway Army

Brian Hatton Army

Christopher Hatton Army

Francis Wilfred Lionel Hatton Army

Jack Havard Canadian Forces

EHT Havell

Arthur Allen Hawker Army

Charles Trhomas Hawkins Army

Fredrick Arthur Hawkins Army

Thomas Richard Hawkins Army

William Percy Hawkins Army

Walter Haycock Army

Albert Haynes Army

Charles Evelyn Haynes Army

John Lance Haynes Army

Martin Haynes Army

Samuel James Haynes Army

Percy Daniel Gelling Hayton Army

John Edward Hayward Canadian Forces

Roland George Hayward Royal Navy

Allan Bonville Hay-Webb Army

Charles Robert Forbes Hay-Webb Army

James Hazlewood Army

Basil William Head Army

William George Heath Army

Wallace Heiron Army

Harold Helme Army

Harold Lutwyche Helme Army

Alfred H Hemans Army

Ernest Hemingway Army

Kenneth Stanley Hemingway Army

Victor John Henley Army

Arthur Herbert Army

Edward Charles Herbert Army

Edwin Jesse Herbert Army

Anthony Morris Coats Hewat Army

George Micheal F Hewat Army

Henry John Hewer Army

William Hewitt Australian Forces

John Joseph Hickey Army

George Hicks Army

George Hicks Army

John Hicks Army

Robert Hicks Army

Thomas Hicks Army

Percy Charles Higgins Army

Percy Clynton Higgins Army

Alfred James Higgs Army

Percy Higley Army

Edgar Vincent Hiles Army

Albert Hill Army

Albert John Hill Army

Alexander Thomas Henry Hill Army

Ernest Henry Thomas Hill Army

FJ Hill Army

Frederick Hill Army

Frederick James Hill Army

Gerald Leader Hill Army

I Hill

John Edgar William Hill Army

Richard Hill Army

Thomas Hill Army

Thomas Hill Army

Thomas Hill Army

Thomas Hill Army

Thomas John Hill Royal Navy

Walter John Hill Army

Wilfred Gideon Hill Army

William Hill Canadian Forces

William Hill Army

William Hill Army

William Reginald Hill Army

William Richard Hill Army

William Richard Hill Army

Harry Leonard Hiller Army

Herbert Hince Army

Norman Boycott Hinckesman Army

Andrew Hinds Army

Arthur Hinksman Army

Mark William Hinksman Army

James Harold Hirons Army

Horace Hitch Army

Albert Merlin Hitchings Army

Christopher Hitchings Army

Thomas Hitchings Army

Thomas Hobbs Army

Frederick Hobday Army

Eric R Hockin Canadian Forces

Arthur Hodges Army

Ernest Victor Hodges Army

George William Hodges Army

Henry Hodges Army

Herbert Hodges Army

Percy William Hodges Army

Reginald Hodges Army

Reginald Albert Hodges Army

SA Hodges

Thomas John Hodges Army

Wilfred Hodges Army

William Hodges Army

William Alfred Hodges Army

William C Hodges Army

Edward John Hodnett Army

William Hodnett Army

Charles Hogan Army

Charles William Holbrook Army

Alfred Robert Holbrow Army

James William Holden Merchant Navy

Edward Holl Army

Charles James Holland Army

Edward Holland Military Cross Army

Walter Edward Holland Army

Frederick Leonard Hollands Army

William Francis Hollands Army

Frederick Robert Holloway Army

Thomas Henry Holloway Army

Arthur Vincent Holman Army

Arthur Holmes Army

Ernest Holmes Army

Frederick Holmes Army

Samuel Frederick Holmes Army

Ernest Holt Army

George Edward Holt Army

James Holt Army

John Holt Army

John Holt Merchant Navy

Percy James Holt Army

William John Holton Military Medal Army

Arthur Homer Army

Harry Raymond Homer Australian Forces

Herbert William Homer Australian Forces

Douglas Albert Stride Honey Army

Edward Morris Hooper Army

Frederick Hopcutt Army

Albert Leonard Hope Army

John Hope Army

Walter Ernest Hope Army

Frederick Jesse Hopkins Army

James Hopkinson Army

Percy Charles Hopley Army

Edward Hopson Army

Edward Michael Hopton Army

Guy William Edward Hopton Army

William Barras Hore Indian Army

Arthur Horner Army

John Joseph Horrigan Army

Henry Horsman Army

James Horton Army

Alfred Ernest Howard Army

James Charles Howard Army

Reginald Howell Army

T Howell Army

George Beddoes Howells Army

James Howells Army

Sydney Thomas Howells Army

William Hubert George Howse Army

Lucien H Huan French Army

John Huckson Army

Owen Huckson Army

Ernest Hudman Army

Henry Erris Hudson Military Cross Army

Robert Denis Hudson Army

Albert C Hughes Army

Albert Joseph Hughes Army

Ernest Hughes Army

Frederick Hughes Army

George Hughes Army

Gerald William Hughes Army

Herbert Hughes Army

Horace Ernest Hughes Army

James Henry Hughes Military Medal Army

PC Hughes Army

Stanley George Hughes Army

Thomas Albert Hughes Army

Walter Ernest Hughes Army

Walter Stephen Hughes Army

William Hughes Army

William George Hughes Army

William Richard Hughes Army

Claude William Hull Canadian Forces

Charles Geoffrey Hume Army

Edward Archibald Hume Army

Edward Harry Humphreys Army

JC Humphreys

George Percy Edward Hunt Distinguished Service Order Royal Navy

Harry Hunt Army

William John Hunt Army

George Fredrick Hurry Army

Arthur Husbands Army

Clifford Charles Husbands Army

John Henry Husbands Army

C Hutchings

Sidney Frederick Hutton Army

Aubrey John Hyde Army

Frederick C Hyner Army

Alfred Edward Ikin Royal Flying Corps

Linda Illman Garrick Theatre Casualty

Robert John Fitzgerald Ingham Distinguished Service Order Army

Arthur Ingram Army

James Charles Innes Army

William Innes Army

Arthur George Inseal Australian Forces

Kenneth Farquason Ireland Army

GE Irish Army

Charles Ivins Army

James Izod Army

Hermann Izzard Army

Douglas Gwynne Jackson Army

Edmund Gaine Jackson Army

George Henry Jackson Army

Hazel Renwick Jackson Army

James Rueben Jackson Army

Robert Thomas Jackson Army

John Curzon Jackson-Tayler Army

Alan George James Army

Albert James James Army

Alfred James Army

Alfred Pryce James Army

Alfred William James Army

Charles Robert Forbes James Army

Christopher James Army

Eric Gwynne James Distinguished Service Order Army

Ernest James Army

Frank Edward James Army

Frank W James Army

Fred James Army

George James Army

George Thomas James Army

Harry Thomas James Army

J James Army

James James Army

John Henry James Army

John Owen James Army

Manfred William James Army

Percy William James Army

R George James Army

Reginald S James Royal Marines

Robert James Army

Thomas James

Thos Henry James Army

WA James Army

William James Army

William James Army

William Alfred James Army

William Thomas James Army

Gerald Alister Jamieson Indian Army

Andrew William Jancey Army

Frank Jancey Military Medal Canadian Forces

Reginald Jancey Army

Charles Jarvis Army

Frederick William Jarvis Army

John Henry Jarvis Army

Frank Jauncey Military Medal Canadian Forces

Henry Samual Jay Army

William Jay Army

William John Jay Army

William Thomas Jay Army

William Albert Jays Army

George Jeans Army

Frank Arthur Jefferey Army

Dewi Jeffreys Army

AG Jenkins

Albert Jenkins Army

Alfred Hercules Jenkins Army

Edward Jenkins Army

Ernest John Jenkins Army

Fred A Jenkins Army

James Jenkins Army

Thomas Jenkins Army

William Jenkins Army

William Thomas Jenkins Army

Frederick Jennings Army

John Reginald Jennings Army

Sidney Jeynes Army

Theophilus Harold Jeynes Army

Ernest Frederick Jinks Army

Harry Gordon Johns Army

Frederick Thomas Johnson Army

John William Johnson Army

Thomas William Johnson Army

William Henry Johnson Army

William Herbert Johnson Army

Donald Clark Johnstone Army

Donald Stewart Johnstone Army

Herbert Kenneth Johnstone Royal Flying Corps

Aaron Thomas Jones Army

Abraham John Jones Army

Albert Jones Army

Albert Jones Army

Albert George Jones Army

Albert Henry Jones Canadian Forces

Alfred Jones Army

Alfred Jones Army

Alfred John Jones Army

Arthur Jones Army

Arthur Jones Army

Arthur Jones Army

Arthur Jones Royal Navy

Arthur Jones Army

Arthur James Jones Army

Benjamin George Jones Royal Navy

Charles Jones Army

Charles Jones Army

Charles Percy Jones Canadian Forces

Charles Thomas Roger Jones Army

Christopher Jones Army

Cyril Bryan Jones New Zealand Forces

David Milwyn Jones Army

David Thomas Jones Army

Desmond Jones

Edward Jones Army

Edward Jones

Edward Henry Jones Royal Navy

Ernest Henry Jones Army

Ernest William Jones Army

Evan Watkin Powell Jones Army

Francis Ernest Jones Army

Frank James Jones Army

Fred Chas Jones Army

Frederick Thomas Averay Jones Army

FT Jones Canadian Forces

Geoffrey Jones Army

Geoffrey Richard Jones Army

George Jones Army

George Jones Army

George Jones

George Jones

George Milford Jones Army

Gordon Jones Army

Harold Jones Army

Harold Jones Army

Harry Jones

Harry J Jones Army

Henry Jones Army

Henry Charles Jones Army

Henry Edwin Jones Army

Henry Ernest Jones Army

Henry James Jones Army

Henry James Jones Army

Henry James Jones Army

Henry Ronald Jones Army

Henry Thomas Jones Army

Herbert Henry Jones Military Medal Army

JA Jones Army

Jack Jones Army

James Jones

James Herbert Jones Army

JM Jones

John Desmond Jones Army

John James Jones Army

John Percy Jones Army

John William Jones Army

Josiah George Jones Army

Leonard T Jones Army

Mark Jones New Zealand Forces

Morgan Edward Jones Army

Oswald H Jones Army

Penry Jones Army

Percy Thomas Jones Army

Richard Jones Army

Richard Jones Army

Richard Francis Jones Army

Robert Jones Army

Robert Frederick Jones Army

Rowland George Jones Army

Rubarb Jones Army

S Leonard Jones Army

Sydney Harold Jones Army

Thomas Jones Army

Thomas Jones Army

Thomas Jones Army

Thomas George Jones Army

Thomas Reginald Jones Army

Thomas Sidney Jones Army

Thomas Stanley Jones Army

Thos William Jones Army

W Jones

Wallace Ralph Jones Army

Walter Jones Army

Walter James Jones Army

William Jones Army

William Jones Army

William Jones Royal Air Force

William Jones Army

William Jones Army

William Charles Thomas Jones Army

William Edward Jones Army

William Frank Jones Army

William George Jones Army

William George Jones Army

William Henry Jones Army

William Henry Jones Army

William John Jones Army

William Rhys Jones Army

William Thos Jones Army

WS Jones Army

F Jones Army

Alfred Jordan Royal Flying Corps

Frank Jordan Army

Harold George Ernest Jordan Army

Leonard Owen Jordan Military Cross Army

Theophilus Jordan Army

Eustace Jotham Victoria Cross Indain Army

William Lorimer Joyce Army

Harold Joyner Royal Navy

Frank Jukes Army

William Reginald Karslake Army

Patrick Keane Army

Thomas Kearn Army

Ernest James Keay Army

Ernest Keddle Army

Frank Keddle Army

John Albert Kedward Army

Joseph William Keely Army

Herbert Edward James Kelly Army

Roy Hamilton Kelly Royal Air Force

William Kendrick Army

Bertram Henry Kennard Army

Charles Ronald Kent Army

William Albert Somerset Kevill-Davies Military Cross Army

Francis George King Army

George King Army

George Henry King Army

Hector A King Army

Rowland Edward Kings Army

Thomas William Kinnersley Army

Charles Kinsey Army

William Edwin Kitchener Army

Albert Kitson Army

Daniel Kitson Army

Charles William Kitsull Army

Albert Knapper Army

Walter Knight Army

George Knill Army

Frederick Knott Army

Arthur Kyte Royal Navy

Harold Ladmore Army

Frederick Charles Lafford Army

William Robert Laflin Army

Henry Laing Royal Navy

Henry John Lambert Army

James Edward Downes Lambert Army

Henry Charles Lampard Army

George Lamputt Army

Alf Lewis Lancaster-Davies Army

Arthur L. Lance Canadian Forces

Ernest Lancett Army

Alfred William Lane Army

Ernest Harold Lane Army

Frederick George Lane Army

George Henry Lane Army

George Leonard Lane Royal Navy

Harry Lane Army

Henry Lane

James Lane Army

James Lane Army

Joseph Lane Army

George Langford Army

George Langford Army

Leonard Langford Army

Thomas Langford Army

Timothy Frederick Langford Army

Walter Joseph Langford Army

Frederick Robert Lansdell

Herbert Henry Large New Zealand Forces

Francis Richard Latham Army

George Arthur Laughton Army

Arthur Laurie Army

William Lawkins Army

Trevor Lawley Army

Patrick Joseph Lawlor Army

Albert Lawrence Army

Albert George Lawrence Army

George Lawrence Army

Henry Lawrence Army

James Philip Lawrence Army

Joseph William Lawrence Army

Thomas Arthur Lawrence Army

Thomas Harold Lawrence Army

Thomas Henry Lawrence Army

Albert George Lawson Army

James Layton Army

Charles Edward Le Mesurier Order of The Bath Royal Navy

Gerald Ernest Lea Army

Henry Lea Army

Edward George Leach Army

Stephen Thomas Leach Army

Ralph Leadbetter Army

John Francis Leather Army

Bertram George Leddington Army

C Leddington Army

Raymond Kirwood Ledger Army

Herbert Lee Royal Navy

Lennox Clelland Lee Army

Noel Edmond Lee Army

Noel Edmond Lee Army

Alfred James Leek Military Medal Army

William Clarke Leek Army

Reginald George Legge Army

George Leighton Army

George Stanley James Leighton Army

Richard Fitzgerald Willian Ferris Leslie Army

Frank Lester Army

John Millard E Lett Army

Desmond George Grenville Levason Army

A Lewis

Alan Leonard Lewis Victoria Cross Army

Albert Lewis Army

Alfred George Lewis Army

Arch Percy Lewis Army

Arthur William Lewis Army

Benjamin Lewis Army

Charles Lewis Army

Charles Lewis Army

Charles Lewis Army

Cuthbert Hector Lewis Army

David Lewis Army

David Edward Lewis Distinguished Conduct Medal Army

Edwin Lewis Army

Hamer Lewis Army

Harry Lewis Army

Henry Lewis Army

Herbert Lewis Army

Herbert Lewis Army

Herbert John Sadford Lewis Army

Hugh James Lewis Army

John Lewis Army

John Lewis Army

Reuben Lewis Army

Sidney Ralph Lewis Army

T Lewis Army

Thomas Henry Lewis Army

Wilfred Lewis Army

William Edward Lewis Army

William Isaac Lewis Army

Charles Edward Lilley Army

Arthur Edward Lilwall Army

George Lilwall Army

Thomas Lilwall Army

William H Lissiman Army

Charles Little Army

Frank Darley Livingstone Army

Arthur William Llewellyn Army

Edward Tom Llewellyn Army

Griffith Lewis Llewellyn Army

John Henry Llewellyn Army

Roderick Simpson Llewellyn-Davies Army

Alfred John Lloyd

Ernest Harold Lloyd Army

FV Lloyd Army

George Seaborne Lloyd Royal Navy

Harry Lloyd Army

S Lloyd Army

Samuel Lloyd Army

Sidney C Lloyd Army

Thomas Lloyd Army

Thomas J Lloyd Army

Walter J Lloyd Army

William Alfred Lloyd Army

William George Lloyd Army

Wymond Howard Lloyd Army

John Loade Army

Albert Lock Army

Ernest John Locke Army

Joseph Lockett Army

John Frederick Loder-Symonds Army

Robert Long Army

Wallace Longford Army

Arthur William Longman Army

Maries Lotinga Rotherwas Munitions

Thomas Walter Lott Army

Frederick Ch Low Army

Elijah Lowe Army

James Lowe Army

John Lowe Army

Thomas James Lowe Army

Edward Bourryau Luard Army

Ernest Lucas Crois de Guerre Army

George Lucas Army

James Lucas Army

Reginald Lucas Army

William Lucas Army

William Lucas Army

Archibald Leonard Lucas-Tooth Army

Douglas Keith Lucas-Tooth Distinguished Service Order Army

Selwyn Lucas-Tooth Army

George Clifton Ludwick Army

Herbert Geoffrey Lush-Wilson Army

William Watkin Mace Army

Ian Mackay Army

John Farr Macklin Australian Forces

Colin Johnston Maclaverty Army

Alec C Maclean Army

Hector Forbes Maclean Royal Navy

Ivan Clarkson Maclean Distinguished Service Order Military Cross Army

John Maclean

Edward Harry Maddox Army

Hubert Kendrick Maddox Army

Thomas Edmund Maddox Army

Thomas George Maddox Army

UR Maddox Army

William Richard Morgan Maddox Army

William Cornelius T Mahoney Army

Winnie Mailes Garrick Theatre Casualty

Reginald Thomas Mainwaring Army

Harry Arthur Male Army

Percy Malpas Army

James George Malsom Army

William Henry Malsom Army

James Samuel Mann Army

Harry Manning

Reginald John Manning Army

Thomas John Charles Manning Army

Arthur Stanley Manns Army

Stanley Haines Mansell Army

William Edward Mansfield Army

Harry Mantell Army

John Mantle Army

Arthur Mapp Army

Chas Reginald Mapp Army

Harry Edward Mapp Army

Sidney Mapp Army

William Mapp Army

William John Mapp Army

William Albert Marchant Army

William Goodwin Marchant Army

Alfred Cornelius Margrett Army

Harry Harmer Marklove Army

Ernest Marlow Army

Richard Henry Marriott Military Cross Army

William Charles Marsh Army

Ambrose Marshall Army

Henry Thomas Marshall Army

Norman Herbert Marshall Army

Walter Marshall Army

William Marshall

Richard Edward Marston Army

Alick Gregory Martin Military Cross Canadian Forces

Basil Cuthbert Danvers Martin Army

Ernest Walter Martin Army

Frederick Martin Army

Hugh Waldyve Martin Indian Army

John Harold Ward Martin Army

John Percy Martin Army

Charles Mason Army

George Albert Mason Army

Harold Mason Army

Harold John Mason Army

Harry Mason Army

HJ Mason Army

Jack Mason Army

John Mason Army

Leonard Mason Army

Sidney Mason Army

Stanley Mason Army

Thos Mason Army

John Massey Army

Wilfred John Massey-Lynch Army

Charles Percival Mattey Army

Albert Alfred Matthews Army

David Roger Matthews Australian Forces

Edward Matthews Army

Edwin Charles Matthews Army

Ernest Frank Matthews Army

F George Matthews Royal Flying Corps

Henry Matthews Army

John Bredel Matthews Military Cross Army

Joseph James Matthews Army

Vernon Lickfold Matthews Royal Navy

William Frederick Matthews Army

Cuthbert John Mattley Army

Richard George Maund Army

William Ernest Mauvan Army

William George Maxfield Army

Jeffrey May Army

Arthur Mayo Army

Arthur Cyril Mayo Army

Charles Mayo Army

Charles Victor Mayo Army

James Mayo Army

Thomas McCain Army

William James Mcnally Army

Edward William Meadmore Army

John Henry Meadmore Army

Reginald Mears Distinguished Conduct Medal, Military Medal Army

Edward Morley Medlicott Army

Edwad James Meek Army

James Meek Canadian Forces

John B Meek Army

Newton Meek Army

Arthur Meredith Army

Arthur Reginald Meredith Royal Navy

Charles Meredith Army

Charles Edward Buchanan Meredith Singapore Artillery

Edwin Meredith Army

Ernest Meredith Army

Ernest Meredith Army

Ernest Mitchell Meredith Army

George Frederick Meredith Army

James Sidney Meredith Army

James William Meredith Army

John Ernest Meredith Army

John Samuel Meredith Army

Malcolm Hereward Meredith Army

Gilbert C Merrett Army

Arthur Ernest Merrick Army

George William Merrick Army

Moses Metcalf Army

William Thomas Michael Army

Albert George Middlecote Army

Cecil James Miles Army

Edwin Charles Miles Army

Henry Miles Army

Henry Colin Miles Army

Leslie Thomas Miles Army

Theodore Miles Army

James Lytton Millar Army

John Lewis Millar Army

Robert Keay Millar Army

Harry Leonard Miller Army

John Miller Army

Alfred Harbridge Millichap Army

William Millichap Army

Cecil George Millman Army

Joseph Millman Army

Arthur William Mills Army

Cecil James Mills Army

Edward Mills Army

Thomas Mills Army

Arthur Kenneth Millwood Army

Sydney Mince Army

Edward Minchin Army

Percy Harold Minton Army

Ernest Mitchell Army

George Henry Mitchell Army

Percy Maschwitz Mitchell Army

George Mitton Army

Frederick William Mole Army

William Edgar Mole Army

Clarence Victor Monkley Army

Arthur Monnington Army

Charles Moore Army

Cyril Stuart Moore Army

Frederick Moore Army

John Moore Royal Navy

Joseph Edward Moore Army

William Richard Moore Army

Albert George Morgan Army

Allan Clark Morgan Army

Arthur Morgan Army

Arthur Morgan Army

Charles Morgan Army

Charles Vincent Morgan Army

Dan Lewis Morgan Army

David Price Morgan Army

David Price Morgan Army

Fred J Morgan Army

Frederick Morgan Army

George Morgan Army

Harry Morgan

Henry Morgan Army

J Morgan

James Ambrose Morgan Army

James Henry Morgan Army

John Morgan Army

John Charles Morgan Army

John Clifford Morgan Army

John Edward Morgan Army

John Granville Morgan Army

John Henry Morgan Army

John Lacey Morgan Army

Joseph Russell Morgan Australian Forces

Leonard Morgan Army

Leonard Samuel Morgan Army

Oscar John Morgan Army

Rowland Todman Price Morgan Army

Samuel Morgan Army

W Morgan Army

Walter Morgan Army

Whitaker Morgan Army

William Morgan Army

William Joseph Morgan Army

John Kelland Gulson Morley Army

Joseph Henry Morley Army

Lionel John Morley Army

Albert Clement Morris Army

Albert Harold Morris Army

Alfred George Morris Army

Alfred George Morris Army

Alfred George Morris Army

Alfred John Morris Army

Arthur William Morris Army

Charles Morris Army

Charles Geoffrey Noel Morris Army

Charles Thomas Morris Army

Charles William Morris Army

David John Morris Army

Edgar Morris Army

Edward George Morris Army

Ernest Morris Army

Fred Morris Army

Frederick Charles Morris Army

George Morris Army

Harold Percival Morris Royal Marines

Harry George James Morris Army

James Morris Army

John Henry Morris Army

John William Morris Army

Leonard Morris Army

Lionel James Morris Army

Luke Thomas Morris Army

Richard John Morris Army

Robert Morris Army

Rudolf Morris Army

Thomas Morris Army

William Morris Army

William Morris Army

William Morris Army

William Morris Army

William George Morris Army

William Herbert Morris Military Medal Army

Alexander Lees Morton New Zealand Forces

Donald Moss Army

Ernest Moss Army

Frederick Thomas Moss Army

John Moss Army

Thomas Moss Army

Thos Moss Army

William Moss

Albert John Moulding Army

Edward Mound Army

CM Moyle Army

George Moyle Army

Allan Shepherd Munn Australian Forces

James Hewitt Murch Army

Charles William Mutlow Army

Thomas James Mutlow Army

Henry Lennox Napier Army

Albert Napper Army

Cuthbert Napper Army

Herbert Arthur Napper Army

Arthur Nash Army

John Nash Army

Rowland Nash Army

Stephen A Nash Army

Thomas Nash Army

Trevor George Nash Army

James Naylor Army

Arthur James Neale Army

John Neale Army

Frank Neat Army

Charles Henry Neate Army

Albert Nelmes Army

Percy Victor New Army

Albert Newman Army

William Newman Army

William Bateman Newman Army

William Newns Army

Charles Victor Nicholas Army

Edward Nicholas Army

Francis Richard Nicholas Army

Frederick George Nicholas Army

George Nicholas Army

John Nicholas Canadian Forces

Albert Richard Nicholls Army

Charles Thomas Nicholls Army

Charles Nicholls Army

E Nicholls Army

Evan Davies Nicholls Army

Frank Ernest Nicholls Army

J Nicholls Army

John Nicholls Army

Richard Nicholls Army

William Thomas Nicholls Army

Frederick Noakes Army

Edwin George Noble Army

Harry William Noble Army

Reginald Morris Norgrove Army

Alfred James Norris Army

Percy Walter Norris Army

Charles William Norton Army

Thomas William Norton Army

Frederick Nott Army

John Harley Nott Army

Albert Thomas Nottingham Army

William Martin Nottingham Army

Alfred George Nunney Army

Harry Nutt Army

Lloyd Nutt Army

Francis Eckley Oakeley Royal Navy

Hubert Charles Oakley Army

Osborne John Oakley Army

EW Oakwell

Jesse O'Brien Army

Michael Ockey Army

Edward William Ockwell Army

Herbert Thomas Ockwell Army

Llewellyn Haslope Oldham Army

Albert Edward Oliver Army

Charles Herbert Oliver Army

Francis Oliver Army

William Oliver Army

William Henry Oliver Army

Thomas Onslow Army

Arthur Aubrey Archibald Orbell Army

Ernest Victor Molson Orford Army

Charles Orgee Army

John Angus Orr-Ewing Royal Navy

Thomas John Osborne Army

Edward George Oseman Army

George Thomas Owen Army

Arthur Sidney Owens Army

David Owens Army

Ernest Greenwood Owens Army

Frank Harley Owens Army

Ivor Owens Army

William Charles Mutlow Owens Army

William Thomas Owens Army

William Fred Oxenham Army

CF Page Army

Richard Harold Page Army

Thomas Edward Page Army

George Painter Army

Reginald Palfrey Army

Walter Edward Palfrey Army

Henry William Palin New Zealand Forces

AJ Palmer Army

Arthur Palmer Army

Charles Palmer Army

Richard Joseph Palmer Army

Thomas Mastival Palmer Army

Wallace Palmer Army

William Palmer Army

William Frederick Palmer Army

Alex Papple Canadian Forces

Cecil Francis Parker Army

Douglas James Parker Army

Frank Harvey Parker Army

James Parker Army

Richard Parker Army

Albert Harry Parkin Army

Albert Edward Parry Army

Arthur Croose Parry Army

Harry Parry Army

Henry Edward Parry Army

Reginald Tom Parry Air Force Medal Royal Air Force

Thomas John Parry Army

Thomas Sidney Parry Army

Charles Parsons Army

John Alfred Parsons Army

Richard Parsons Army

Arthur David Parton Army

Ernest Henry Parton Army

Roland Thomas Parton Army

Geoffrey Partridge Royal Navy

Gilbert Partridge Army

Richard Crawshay Bailey Partridge Military Cross, Croix de Guerre Army

Wallace Arthur Partridge Army

William Partridge Army

Henry Passey Army

Henry Charles Paterson Merchant Navy

Edward Patey Army

Percy Pettman Patey Army

James Patterson Army

George William Paul Australian Forces

Albert/Arthur Payne Army

Charles Geraint Christopher Payne Army

Eli Charles Payne Army

Harley James Payne Army

James Henry Payne Army

Sidney John Payne Royal Navy

Ernest Edwin Pead Army

Charles Frederick Pearce Army

Henry Pearce Army

William Pearce Army

William Henry Valentine Pearce Royal Navy

William Pearman Army

Alfred Christopher Pearson Army

Archibald Francis Peat Army

Arthur Waving Pedlingham Army

Percy George Theodore Pedlingham Army

Charles Robert Peel Army

Charles Peplow Army

Arthur Jex Blake Percival Distinguished Service Order Army

Albert Perkins Army

Albert George Perkins Army

Charles Perkins Army

Charles Ernest Perkins Army

John Perkins New Zealand Forces

Thomas Alfred Perkins Military Cross Army

William John Perkins Canadian Forces

William John Perkins Canadian Forces

William L Perkins Army

Joseph Willoughby Perks Army

Leonard Perrin Army

Albert Edwin Perry Army

George James Perry Army

Samuel Charles Perry Army

Frank Oliver Peskett Army

A Peters Army

William Henry Peters Army

Gilbert Thomas Richardson Pettigrew Royal Flying Corps

William Pewtress Army

Arthur William Phillips Army

Ernest C Phillips Army

George Ernest Phillips Army

Horace Phillips Army

James Henry Phillips Army

James William Phillips Army

John Thomas Phillips Army

Leonard John Phillips Army

Richard Wilfred Phillips Army

Thomas Phillips Army

Walter John George Phillips Army

William Phillips Army

William Henry Phillips Army

Alfred Phillpott Army

Arthur Nigel Phillpott Army

Allen James Phillpotts Army

Frank Phillpotts Army

Thomas Phillpotts Army

Ernest A Philpott Distinguished Conduct Medal Army

Thomas James Albert Philpotts Army

Frederick George Philps Army

Charles Phipps Army

William Phipps Army

Richard William Picknell Army

Douglas Harry Pike Army

Albert Francis Pinches Army

Edward Pinches Army

Ernest Pinches Army

James Pinches Army

Joseph Pinches Army

Stanley William Pinches Army

Walter Pinches Army

Sidney Albert Pines Army

James Piper Army

John Charles Pitt Army

John Harford Pitt South African Forces

Joseph Henry Pitt Army

Thomas Abraham Pitt Army

William Thomas Pitt Army

Arthur Wright Plant Army

Gilbert Anthony Player Army

John Robert Plummer Royal Marines

D Pockett Army

William James Pocknell Army

Walter Pogson Army

William John Ponfield Army

Ernest Ponting Army

Ernest John Ponting Army

Harry William Poole Army

Frederick James Pope Army

Gerald Pope Army

Joseph William Pope Army

Benjamin James Porter Army

Leonard Porter Army

William Porter Army

George Thomas Portman Army

William Postans Army

Herbert Sydney Postings Army

John Potter Royal Navy

Arthur Pouncett Army

Charles Pounds Army

Jeffrey George Povey Army

A Powell

A Powell

Albert Powell Army

Alfred Powell

Alfred James Powell Army

Charles Leonard Powell Army

Charles William Powell Army

Christopher Powell Army

Edgar Powell Army

Edwin Powell

Ernest Sidney Powell Army

Francis John Powell Army

Frank Powell Army

Frederick Powell Army

Frederick George Powell Army

Frederick John Powell Army

George J Powell Army

George Thos Powell Army

Henry Powell Army

Howell Wyndham Powell Army

Hubert Powell Army

James Powell Army

John Powell Army

John Charles Powell Army

John Henry Powell Army

John Markham Powell Army

Percy Powell Army

Reuben Powell Army

Richard James Powell Army

Sidney Charles Powell Army

Walter Powell Army

Wilfred J. Powell Army

William Powell Royal Marines

William Henry Powell Canadian Forces

William Uniacke Perry Powell Army

William Watt Powell Australian Forces

Frank Allnut Powell-Akroyd Army

John Powis Army

Albert Powles Army

William Powles Army

Alfred Ernest Poyner Army

William Henry Poyner Army

John Thomas Prater Army

Bernard Alexander Pratt-Barlow Royal Navy

Albert Henry Preece Army

Albert Thomas Preece Army

Alfred Preece Army

Arthur Preece Army

Arthur Preece Army

Arthur Henry Preece Army

Charles Bath Preece Army

Ernest James Preece Royal Navy

Francis Matthew Preece Army

George Preece Army

George Preece Army

George Francis Preece Army

Harold Preece Army

Henry Thomas Preece Army

Herbert Preece Army

James Preece Army

John Preece Army

John Arthur Preece Army

Joseph Preece Army

Leonard Preece Army

Leonard Horace Preece Army

Matthew Francis Preece Army

Phillip Preece Army

Phillip John Preece Army

Richard Russell Preece Army

Thomas Preece

Alfred E Price Army

Alfred Edward Price Army

Allen Price Army

Robert Preece Army

Samuel Charles Preece Army

Thomas J Preece Army

John Edward Preston Army

Albert Edward Prewett Army

Albert Price Army

Albert Thomas Price Army

Alfred Arthur Price Army

Arthur Price Army

Charles Price Army

Charles J Price Army

Charles James Price Army

Cyril Percy Price Army

Daniel Price Army

Ernest George Price Army

Ernest Henry Price Army

Evan Price Army

Frank Archibald Price Army

Frederick Price Australian Forces

Frederick George Price Army

George Montague Price Army

George WT Price Army

Henry Price Army

HG Price Royal Navy

James Price Army

James Price Army

John Price Army

John Llewellyn Price

John Thomas Price Army

John Wesley Price Army

JWI Price

Oliver Thomas Price Army

Oscar Price Army

Russell Harry Price Army

Sydney Price New Zealand Forces

Thomas Price Army

Thomas Price Army

Thomas Owen Price Merchant Navy

Thomas Richard Price Army

Thomas Valentine Price Army

TJ Price Army

Walter Price Army

William K Price Army

Albert James Prince Army

Jack William Prince Army

James William Prince Army

Jasp Frederick Prince Army

Albert Pritchard Army

Allan Pritchard Army

Bernard Pritchard Canadian Forces

Charles Pritchard Army

David Emmanuel Pritchard Army

George Pritchard Army

George Pritchard Military Cross Army

James Pritchard Army

Leonard Pritchard Army

Reginald Pritchard Canadian Forces

Roland George Pritchard Army

Thomas George Pritchard Army

Edward George Pritchett Army

Albert Ivor Stanley Probert Army

Harold Francis Probert Army

Richard Probert Army

Thomas Probert Army

Thomas Probert New Zealand Forces

Walter James Probert Army

John Probert Army

Charles Hubert Prosser Army

Douglas Henry Prosser Royal Navy

Edward James Prosser Army

Edwin Thomas Prosser Army

Frederick Prosser Army

Henry George Prosser Army

James Prosser Army

Sidney Prothero Army

William Charles Prothero Army

Christopher Proudman Army

Herbert Prowlin Army

James Pryce East African Intelligence Department

Harold Victor Pudge Army

Albert Henry Pugh Army

Edwin James Pugh Army

Henry Charles Pugh Army

I George Pugh Army

John Arthur Pugh Army

Joseph George Pugh Army

Samuel William Pugh Army

Sidney Arthur Pugh Army

Thomas Pugh Army

Thomas John Pugh Army

William Pugh Army

Arthur Pullen Army

Nelson Pullen Army

Charles Pulling Army

Henry Thomas Pulling Army

William Pulling Army

Oswald John Pumphrey Army

John Henry Purcell Army

Thomas E Putt Army

James Pye Army

Samuel Pye Army

Walter George Pye Army

Francis Pymble Army

John Quinn Army

William Raester Army

Hubert Raine Army

William J Ranford Army

Thomas Ratcliff Army

Edward Francis Ratliff Military Cross Army

George Ravenhill Army

Frank Henry Rawlings Royal Navy

James Edward Rawlings Army

Thomas George Rawlings Army

Alfred Lewis Raymond Army

Henry Leo Raymond Army

Harold Thomas Read Canadian Forces

Allan Edward Douglas Reason Army

Thomas George Redding Army

William Henry Redding

Harold Thomas Redler Army

Leonard James Redler Army

Henry Ree Army

Alfred Reece Army

Charles Reece Army

Ernest Edward Reed Army

Henry Reed Army

AD Rees Army

William Arthur Reese Army

Herbery Joseph Reeve Army

Douglas Edward Lloyd Relton Army

Charles Reynolds Army

Gilbert Charles Reynolds Army

John Charles Reynolds Army

Thos Reynolds Army

William Edward Reynolds Army

William George Reynolds Army

Francis Patrick Rhodes Army

George Henry Rich Army

Arthur Richards Army

Evan James Richards Army

Henry Richards Army

Arthur Joseph Richardson Army

George Henry Rickards Army

Walter James Ricketts Army

Cornelius Riley Military Medal Army

Gilbert Rimmer Army

Albert William Robbins Army

Albert Roberts Army

Christopher Roberts Army

Edward Henry Roberts Army

George Roberts Army

George Roberts Army

Harry George Roberts Army

Leonard Roberts Army

Percy Albert Roberts Army

Sydney Roberts Army

Thomas Roberts Army

Charles Robinson Army

George Robinson Army

Charles Rock Army

James Edward Roderick Army

Charles Leslie Rogers Army

Cyril Charles Rogers Army

David Richard Rogers Army

Thomas Rogers Royal Navy

William James Rogers Army

Ernest Romes Army

George Ernest Rooke Army

Hubert Rooke Army

William Rose Army

Clement Harold Ross Army

John Morgan Rosser Army

William Rossiter Army

Ernest George Rouse Army

George Rouse Army

Thomas Edward Rouse Army

EC Rouse Army

WF Rouse Army

Thomas Andrew Greville Rouse-Boughton-Knight Army

George Thomas Rowbrey Army

Cuthbert Roger Rowden Military Cross Royal Air Force

Charles Christopher Rowlands Army

Thomas Utting Royden Army

Frederick Thomas Ruck New Zealand Forces

Allan Rudd Army

Kenneth Sutherland Rudd Army

George Henry Rudge Army

Raymond Thomas Vaughan Rudge Army

William Mattey Rudge Army

Frank Rumsey Army

Nellie Rurherford Garrick Theatre Casualty

Charles Russell Army

Edward Stanley Russell Army

Henry Freeman Russell Army

John Russell Army

Thomas Russell Army

Vernon Francis Russell Army

Charles Ryder Army

Thomas Edward Ryder Army

Partridge George Sainsbury Army

Richard Crawford Sale Army

Ernest George Sandford Army

James Orde Sandilands Canadian Forces

Clarence George Sankey Army

William Richard Sansom Army

H Sara Army

Fred Sargent Army

Cuthbert Shale Sarjeant Army

Alfred Saunders Army

Arthur George Saunders Army

Edward Charles Saunders Army

James Albert Saunders Army

WT (Fred) Savegar Army

George Savigar Army

Francis Richard Egerton Savory Army

Hubert Savory Army

William Frederick Charles Savory Army

William John Sawkins Army

Ethel Saxon Territorial Force Nursing Service

George Sayce Army

Henry William/S Sayce Army

J Sayce Army

Henry Sayle

Albert James Scandrett Royal Navy

Joseph Nelmes Scudamore Army

Thomas Alfred Scudamore Army

Horace Victor George Scutt Army

Edgar Cecil Seaborne Army

William Seabourne Army

John Percy Seager Army

Charles William Selley Army

Walter Sellman Army

Thomas Henry Senter Army

Ernest St John Pierrepoint Seymour Australian Forces

A Shambrook Army

Henry Shaw Army

John Shaw Army

John Sydney Shears Army

Arthur Henry Shellam Army

Christopher James Shellam Army

Mark Sheppard Army

JG Sherratt Army

Bertie Montague Sherwood Army

Thomas Bennett Shinn Army

Edwin Shore Army

William Herbert Shuck Army

William George Shute Army

Percy Sibthorpe Army

Thomas John Silcox Army

Reginald Lewis Sillince Royal Air Force

Horace Thomas Sillman Royal Navy

Roderick Alexander Simson Army

George Albert Nash Skillicorn Army

John Skinner Army

Charles Skyrme Army

George Henry Skyrme Canadian Forces

Leonard Matthew Skyrme Army

Mark Skyrme Army

St. Barbe Russell Sladen Army

Herbert Edwin Slaymaker Army

Richard Henry Small Army

Vernon Smallman Army

Walter Henry Smart Royal Navy

A Smith Army

A Dennis Smith Army

Albert Smith Army

Albert Smith Army

Albert James Smith Army

Alfred Smith Army

Amos Smith

Arthur Smith Canadian Forces

Arthur George Smith Royal Navy

Cecil Archibald Matlow Smith Army

Charles Smith Army

Charles Edward Smith Army

Francis Joseph Smith

Frank Smith Army

George Rowberry Smith Army

GH Smith Army

Harry Smith Army

Heber George Martn Smith Army

Henry Smith Army

Henry E Smith Army

Henry James Smith Army

Herbert Gerald Smith Army

Hugh Jenkins Smith Army

Ivor Thomas Smith Army

John William Smith Army

Leonard Smith Army

Mervyn Whittenbury Smith Australian Forces

Percy Smith Army

Raymond Cecil Smith Army

Robert C Smith Army

Stephen Henry Smith Army

Stephen James Smith Army

Sydney Smith Army

Sydney John Smith Army

Sydney Richard Smith Army

Thomas Michael Hawes Smith Royal Navy

Thomas Stanley Smith Army

Walter Sidney Smith Army

William Smith Army

William Smith Army

William Smith Army

William Smith Army

William Alfred Smith Army

William Edwin Hawes Smith Royal Navy

William Geoffrey Smith Army

Richard Ernest Snead Military Medal Army

Geoffrey Phillip Joseph Snead-Cox Army

Herbert Arthur Snead-Cox Royal Navy

Richard Mary Snead-Cox Army

John Soane Army

Joseph Sockett Army

Edward Thomas Solomon Army

Reginald Somers-Cocks Military Cross Army

John Henry South Army

Joseph Frederick South Army

Gerald Southern SikIndian Armyhs

Harry Hartley Waite Southey Army

Sydney John Southgate Army

John Woodfield Spanton Army

Thomas Henry Spanton Distinguished Conduct Medal Army

Henry Hubert Sparkes Army

Isaac John Sparkes Army

Harry Sparks Army

Charles Sparrow Army

Harold Speke Army

Caleb Spencer Army

Harold George Spencer Army

Arthur Charles Spooner Army

Albert Thomas Sprague Army

Arthur George Spreadborough Army

Arthur S Staite Army

Francis George Stallard Army

Thomas Henry Stansbury Army

CM Stanwell Army

Eric Humphrey Starkey Army

John Staunton Army

George Stedman Army

Thomas Alexander Stedman Army

Harry Steele Army

Henry William Steffen Army

Albert Stephens Canadian Forces

Albert Edward Stephens Army

Albert Henry Stephens Army

Arthur Edward Stephens Army

Arthur J Stephens Army

Ernest James Stephens Army

Fred Hugh Stephens Army

Henry Stephens Army

Herbert Stephens Army

J Stephens

John Stephens Army

Percy William Stephens Army

Thomas Stephens Army

Thomas Richard Stephens Army

Wiliam Charles Stevens Army

Ernest Gordon Stewart Army

Harold Sidney Stewart Army

Harold Caley Stillingfleet Canadian Forces

Edward Stocker Army

Arthur Askwith Stoddard Indian Army

Albert Edward Stokes Army

Herbert Stokes Army

Lewis Charles Stokes Army

William Francis Stokes Army

Archie George Wilfred Stone Army

William George Stone Army

William Arthur Anthony Strange Army

Frederick Strangward Army

Harry Street Army

Sydney Street Army

Basil Robert Streeten Army

Austen John Stripp Canadian Forces

Alfred Joseph Stubbs Army

Guy Hatton Sugden Army

Alfred Summers Army

Alfred Summers Army

Octave Stuart Surr Army

Ernest George Suter Army

Henry James Sutters Royal Navy

Sir Richard Vincent Sutton Army

Benjamin Watkinson Swaffield Army

Samuel Swain Army

Arthur Swaincot Army

Thomas William Swift Army

George Symmonds Army

A Hadwell Symonds Army

Frank Symonds Army

George Symonds Army

Harold Symonds Army

Harold Symonds Army

James Symonds Army

John Bertram Symonds Distinguished Conduct Medal, Military Medal Army

Lewis Symonds Army

Frederick Kingsley Symonds-Tayler Army

James Synnock Army

Wallace Henry Sysum Army

James Valentine George Taberer Army

Joseph Tallentire Army

William Edward Tancell Army

John Llewellyn Tandy Army

Thomas Tanser Army

Harold Tanswell Army

Francis George Tarbath Army

Albert Ware Taylor Army

Alfred Taylor Army

Alfred Edward Taylor Army

Alfred John Taylor Army

Ben Taylor Army

Charles William Chamberlain Taylor Royal Air Force

Chas Henry Taylor Army

Clement Harold Taylor Army

Edward Stillingsleet Sedley Taylor Army

Evan Lance Taylor Army

George Ellismore Taylor Army

George Eric Taylor Army

George Reuben Taylor Army

Henry Taylor Army

Herbert Taylor Army

Hugh Noble Taylor Army

J Taylor Army

James Taylor Army

John Edward Taylor Army

John Oswald Taylor Army

John Thomas Taylor Army

Joseph Solomon Taylor Army

Percy Graham Taylor Army

Robert Taylor Army

Robert Fred Taylor Army

Samuel Taylor Army

Sydney Francis Taylor Army

Thomas Taylor Army

Thomas Taylor Royal Navy

Thomas Taylor Army

Thomas Andrew Taylor Army

Thomas Henry Taylor Army

Walter Taylor Army

Edwin Taysom Army

Albert Herbert Teague Army

Arthur Willie Tyler Teague Army

Percy John Teague Army

Bertram Teddington Army

Alfred Tedstone Army

James Tedstone Army

Thomas Tedstone Army

Anthony Temple Canadian Forces

James Terretta Army

Charles Terry Army

Leonard Walter Thackway Army

Phillip John Thackway Army

James Theakstone Royal Navy

Ernest Thirlwall Army

Francis John Dillon Thiselton Canadian Forces

Allan Phillip Thomas Canadian Forces

Allen William Thomas Army

Arthur Yates Thomas Army

Chistopher Thomas Army

Edgar Mark Thomas Army

Edwin George Thomas Army

Ernest Thomas Army

Francis R. Thomas Army

Frank Edward Thomas Canadian Forces

George Thomas Royal Navy

Harold Thomas Army

Harold George Thomas Army

Harold William Thomas Army

Harry GJ Thomas Army

James Thomas Distinguished Conduct Medal, Military Medal Army

James Thomas Army

John Shadrack Thomas

John T Thomas Army

Joseph Thomas Army

Robert George Thomas Army

Samuel Thomas Army

Stanley Thomas Army

William Thomas Army

William Ernest Thomas Army

William J Thomas Army

William Rees Thomas Canadian Forces

William Wilfred Thomas Army

Albert T Thompson Army

Cecil Francis Thompson Army

Matthew Thompson Army

William Thompson Army

Horace Vero Thorn Army

GH Thorndyke Army

Percy David Thorne Army

Henry Thornett Army

John Thornton Army

Sidney James Thornton Army

Richard Joseph Tibbey Army

Francis Edward Timbers Army

Charles James Timmins Army

Samuel Timmins Army

Herbert James Tingle Army

Percival John Tingle Army

Walter Reginald Tingle Army

Alexander Arnold Tippet Army

Frederick Tippins Army

Sydney Joseph Tippins Army

Stanley Arthur Tipton Army

William Edward Tisdale Army

James Francis Charles Titheridge Army

Hugh Lewis Todd Army

E Tombs

Frederick Tomkins Army

Thomas Hubert Tomkins Army

William Tomkins Army

John Tomlinson Army

William Albert Tongue Army

Arthur Herbert Town Army

John Towns Army

Archer Townsend Townsend Army

Charles Victor Townsend Army

Gabriel James Townsend Army

Charles Train

J Travers Army

George W Treherne Army

Oliver Thomas Treherne Army

Herbert Tribe Army

James Christopher Tringham Army

Thomas William Tringham Army

Allan Phillip Tristram Army

Bertram Clifford Trumper Army

Edward George Trumper Army

John Robert Trumper Army

Harry Tuckwell Army

Reginald Charles Tudge Army

Ernest Geoffrey Tudor Army

Henry John Tudor Army

Francis Henry Tuke Army

James Tunley Army

John Alfred Tunley Army

William Turberfield Army

Thomas Turbill Army

Clifford George Turner Army

George James Turner Army

James Turner Army

James Turner Army

Robert Turner Army

Thos Turner Army

William Andrew Turner Army

William John Turner Army

Ernest William Turrell Army

John Henry Tweed Military Medal Army

Ernest E Tyler Army

Harold Thomas Tyler Army

T Harry Tyler Army

William Tyler Army

William Underwood Army

William Henry Underwood Army

Frederick Thomas Urion Army

Arthur Spencer Urquhart Royal Navy

Victor George Ursell Army

Noble Vale New Zealand Forces

Percival William Vale

Alexander Vaughan Army

Arthur Thomas Vaughan Army

Charles Vaughan Army

Edward Henry Vaughan Royal Navy

Herbert George Vaughan Army

James Vaughan Army

John Edward Vaughan Army

Reginald Alfred Vaughan Canadian Forces

Thomas Llewellyn Vaughan Army

William Vaughan Army

William Vaughan Army

William T Vaughan Army

William Veale Army

Harry Adrian Venables Royal Navy

Timothy Vernall Army

George Walter Verrill Army

Harry Verrill Army

William John Verry Army

Geoffrey Bernard Vores Army

Edward Vowles Army

Frederick John Wackett Army

William Wadley Army

Walter Joseph Wainscott Army

Louis Alan Waites Army

Gladys Maude Mary Wake Canadian Nursing Service

William Geoffrey Walford Royal Air Force

Alban Walker Army

G Walker Army

Henry Benjamin Walker Army

James Joseph Walker Army

Reginald Walker Army

Alexander Vaughan Wall Army

Charles Frederick Wall Canadian Forces

George Wall Army

Henry Thomas Wall Army

Hubert Henry Wall Army

Samuel Bennett Wall Army

Thomas Wall Army

William Wall Army

Charles Edwin Walters Army

Charles Henry Walters Army

Frank Walters Army

Henry Walters Army

George Walters Army

John Walton Army

Sydney John Walwyn Army

George Warburton Army

John Thomas Warburton Army

Thomas Warburton Army

Alfred Ward Army

Arthur H Ward Army

Ernest Loton Ward Canadian Forces

George Herbert Ward Army

Joseph Wardle Army

Carl Wilfred Wargent Army

Charles Dennis Warren Army

Edward John Warren Army

Algernon Aubrey Bakewell Warrilow Army

Arthur Percy Warwick Army

Robert Tummey Washington Army

Charles Waters Army

Albert Watkins Army

Charles Watkins Army

Charles Watkins Army

David Watkins Army

Frederick George Watkins Army

Frederick William Watkins Royal Navy

George Watkins Army

George Andrew Watkins Army

George Henry Watkins Army

George William Watkins Army

Harry Lawson Watkins Army

Herbert Percival Watkins Army

James Watkins Army

Milson Ernest Watkins Army

Reuben Henry Watkins Army

Thomas Watkins Army

Thomas Watkins Royal Marines

Thomas David Watkins Army

Thomas J. Watkins Army

Wilfred Watkins Army

William Watkins Army

William Watkins Royal Air Force

William Watkins

William Addis Watkins Army

William Harley Watkins Army

William Henry Watkins Army

William John Watkins Army

Daniel E Watney Army

John Howe Watts Army

Douglas T Weale Army

Horace William Weale Army

Edward Weare Army

Albert Weathersby Army

Thomas Weathersby Army

Frederick Concert Weaver Army

George Weaver Army

George Edward Weaver Army

Henry Percival Weaver Army

James Weaver Army

John Weaver Army

Joseph Weaver Army

Lily Weaver Rotherwas Munitions

Roland John Hampden Weaver Army

Wallace Weaver Army

Herbert Thomas Webb Army

Thomas Harry Webb Army

William Webb Army

William Edward Webb Army

James J Webley Army

Percy Weekes Army

George Weeks Army

Cecil Francis Wegg-Prosser Army

Robert William Weir Army

George Welchman Army

John Wellington Military Medal Army

Neil Wells Australian Forces

Norman Albert Wells Army

Alfred Robert West Army

Edward Charles West Army

Frederick George West Army

Thomas Weston Army

Charles Henry Wharton Royal Marines

Charles Arthur Whatmore Army

Ernest Alfred Whatmore Army

Albert Wheale Army

Arthur John Wheeler Army

Charles Ernest Wheeler Army

Francis Wheeler Army

George Robert Wheeler Army

John Thomas Wheeler Army

Wiliam Henry Wheeler Army

George Frederick Wherley Army

Arthur William Whitby Army

Gwilym Whitcombe Army

Arthur Ingram White Army

Charles White Army

George Martin White Army

Harry White Royal Navy

Horace Stanley White Royal Navy

Martin G White Army

Phyllis White Garrick Theatre Casualty

Thomas Richard White Army

Augustin George Richard Whitehouse Military Cross Army

Arthur Albert Whiting Army

Ernest Whiting South African Forces

Richard Whiting Army

Robert Whiting Army

Thomas Charles Whiting Army

James Whitney Army

Henry Thomas Whittaker Army

Hubert William Whittaker Army

William Robert Whittaker Army

David Percy Whittall Army

Charles Whittington Merchant Navy

Francis Harry Wilcox Army

Joseph Thomas Wilcox Army

Percy Wilcox Army

John Joseph Wild Army

Ernest Wilde Army

Godfrey Paul Wilden Royal Navy

John Gordon Wilkes Army

Frederick John Wilkins Army

Harry Wilkins Army

Percy Charles Wilkins Army

Cecil Wilkinson Army

Cecil Allan Wilkinson Army

Harry Wilfred Wilkinson Army

Leonard Walter Wilkinson Army

William Noel Wilkinson Army

Harold Douglas Wilks Army

Albert William Williams Army

Alfred Williams Army

Alfred John Williams Army

Alfred Richard Williams Army

Alfred Thomas Williams Army

Arthur Benjamin Williams Army

Arthur James Williams Army

Arthur Joseph Williams Military Medal Army

Benjamin Williams Army

Cecil John Fry Williams Army

Charles Williams Army

Charles Williams Army

Charles Henry Williams Merchant Navy

David Marmaduke Williams Army

E Williams Army

Edgar Thomas Williams Army

Ernest Williams Army

Ernest Joseph Williams Army

Francis James Williams Army

Frank Williams Army

Frank Benjamin Williams Army

Frederick Williams Army

Frederick Williams Army

Frederick Williams Army

Frederick Williams Army

Frederick E. Williams Army

George Williams Army

George Williams Army

George Williams Army

George Henry Williams Army

George Herbert Williams Army

George Joseph Williams Army

George Thomas Williams Army

Gerorge Williams Army

Hammond Williams Army

Harley Harry Williams Army

Harry Clifford Williams Army

Herbert William Williams Canadian Forces

Jack Williams Army

James Williams Army

James Williams Army

James Williams Army

James Arthur Williams Canadian Forces

James Edward Denistone Williams Army

James V Williams Army

John Albert Williams Army

John Edwin Williams Army

John Victor Williams Army

Joseph George Williams Army

Lancelot Douglas Williams Army

Lewis Williams Army

Martin James Williams Army

Maxwell James Williams Army

Philip Charles Williams Army

Reginald Williams Army

Robert Charles Williams Canadian Forces

Samuel Francis Williams Army

Sidney John Williams Army

Sydney William Williams Army

T George Williams Army

Thomas Williams Army

Thomas Williams Army

Thomas Williams Army

Thomas Arthur Williams Army

Thomas Henry Williams Army

Thomas William Williams Army

Walter Williams Army

Wilfred Alexander Williams Army

William Williams Army

William Williams Royal Navy

William Charles Williams Army

William Charles Williams Victoria Cross Royal Navy

William George Williams Army

William Henry Williams Canadian Forces

William John Williams Army

FHJ Williams-Greswoble Kings African Rifles

Edgar Alexander Toms Willis Army

George Wills Army

Henry Cecil Wilmot Army

Robert Coningsby Wilmot Army

Thomas Norbury Wilmot Military Cross Army

H Wilshire

Alec Wilson Army

Alfred Wilson Army

Eric Arthur Wilson Army

Ernest Wilson Army

Grancot Wilson Army

James Wilson Army

Thomas Wilson Army

Walter Wilson Army

William Wilson Army

William Taylor Wilson Army

James Wilton Army

Edwin Winstone Army

James Winters Army

Ernest George Witcomb Army

Albert Henry Witherstone Army

Frederick Withington Army

George Withington Army

Thomas Henry Withington Army

Allen Wood Army

Arthur Edward Wood Army

Arthur James Wood Army

Charles Knight Wood Army

Frank William Wood Army

Frederick Wood Army

George Wesley Wood Army

James Wood Army

JT Wood Canadian Forces

Robert Wood Army

Robert Harry Wood Army

Samuel Reginald Wood Army

Walter James Wood Army

William Wood Army

William Fred Wood Army

William G Wood Army

John Frederick Woodall Military Cross Army

Frank Ernest Woodhall Army

James Woodhouse Army

Thomas Henry Woodhouse Army

William James Woodhouse Army

James Lancelot Woodward Army

George Harold Woodward Army

Edward George Woodyatt Army

Richard Lory Pengilly Woodyatt Royal Navy

Thomas Frederick Woodyatt Army

Thomas John Woodyatt Army

Thomas Henry Woolaway Army

George Matthew Woolley Army

Thomas Wootton Australian Forces

William Wootton Australian Forces

William Wootton Army

Thomas Albert Workman Army

Charles S Wright Army

Frederick James Wright Army

Harold George Wright Army

John Wright Army

Sydney Arthur Wright Army

William Wright Canadian Forces

William Charles Wright Army

John Morris Cottrell Wyatt Army

Norman Wyatt Army

James Henry Wyles Royal Navy

Charles Yapp Army

William Thomas Yapp Army

Charles Alix Lavington Yate Victoria Cross Army

Frank Yates Army

George Walter Yates Royal Navy

Ronald Charles Yates Army

Reginald George Yemm Army

Thomas Harry Yemm Army

Haywood William Yeomans Army

Walter Joseph George Yeomans Army

A Young Army

Allan Young Army

Ernest Henry Young Army

Ernest William Young Army

George Young Army