Arts Alive audiences expect intriguing and unusual drama and Thunder Road is a show that won’t disappoint, as award-winning physical theatre company Red Cape Theatre takes on a ‘road-trip drama’ featuring First Aid training!

Thunder Road will appeal to both comedy and theatre audiences. It’s a darkly comic yet celebratory look at the voluntary sector: a very funny, vibrant show which also takes on weightier issues, with a genuinely broad appeal. All about the power of the Heimlich manoeuvre; adventure, escape, survival; the death of the Little Chef; the call of the open road, and the kind of friendship you'd take a bullet for! Follow Maureen and Sylvie as their two-day road trip takes an unexpectedly dangerous turn and their personal satnavs need rapid adjustment.

"Really exciting theatre from a company who made a big impact at Edinburgh," says Sian Kerry, director of Arts Alive."A 'must see' show for me personally!"

Catch up with Maureen and Sylvie and their life-changing journey on Thunder Road at Goodrich Village Hall at 7.30pm on Thursday, November 15. To book, call 01600 891421.

For further information or to book online, visit