HEREFORD choir Got 2 Sing have honoured October as Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The choir spent time collecting as many unwanted bras as possible - new ones or old ones - to give to Worcestershire’s Breast Unit Haven.

More than 100 bras came from Got 2 Sing Hereford.

For every bra donated, Worcestershire Breast Unit Haven will receive funds which will be used to improve the quality of life for people affected by breast cancer.

The bras are first sent to a recycling company and based on their weight, money (70p per kg) is donated to the charity.

Those in good condition are then sold to Africa where they are a luxury for most women and the remainder is stripped down and the materials recycled.

Got 2 Sing Hereford meets every Wednesday 7.30pm at Broadlands Primary School.

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