MILKMAN Martin Glover is the cream of the crop when it comes to helping anyone in a spot of bother.

The Good Samaritan, who works for Bartonsham Dairies, was driving back to Hereford after finishing his morning deliveries in Leominster when he proved himself to be the kindest milkman in the west.

Martin spotted an elderly couple stranded on the A49 where their car had broken down.

Busy traffic passed on by, but Martin pulled over to offer his assistance. He managed to get the vehicle off the busy Leominster to Hereford road near Kentchester Water Gardens, and when he heard that the driver was anxious to get his wife to Hereford in time for a hospital appointment, he did not bottle it.

He reassured the couple before calling for a breakdown service, then calmly drove the 81-year-old passenger to hospital in time for her visit. “I was on my way back to Hereford with the empties,” he said. “I suppose I was the saviour of the day, but I just helped them out.”

In the meantime, thanks to Martin the breakdown serviceman had located the broken down vehicle. But he phoned him to say the car was unattended.

“The driver had phoned his son who drove from Ludlow to pick his Dad up and take him to the hospital,” he explained. Martin later received a pat on the back from the son. “He said it was great and thanked me very much.”

He believes the car’s gears had become stuck after slowing down for a build-up of traffic. “At least 12 cars went on past and a lorry but when I saw an elderly couple in the car, I had to stop,” said Martin.