CONCERNS have been raised about access to a new proposal for 35 homes in Greytree in Ross-on-Wye.

The plot of land is owned by a group of charities which were left the site in a will.

Simon Proctor, on behalf of the charities, said: "As part of the Neighbourhood Plan we are looking to see whether this site at Greytree should be incorporated in that plan or not.

"The charities want to work with local residents and the town council."

The Neighbourhood Plan for the town is currently in its draft stage. The idea of the plan is to mark where in Ross residents would prefer to see development take place.

The Greytree plans are at an early stage and have not been sent to Herefordshire Council for approval.

The plans include affordable housing and "a significant proportion of the site as public open space."

The potential vehicular access point would be off Second Avenue.

The planners added: “Our vision is to create a new and distinctive residential development that is well integrated with Greytree and comprises a mix of modern, low energy, family homes and attractive usable open space to benefit the whole Greytree community.”

Melvin Reynolds, chairman of the Ross-on-Wye Town Council's Neighbourhood Plan steering group said: "We said to them we are open to the site being included but only if it gets support from the local community in Greytree.

"Thus far the indications are that the majority do not favour it.

"We are waiting to see what happens. We are on the sidelines."

Either way it will not be included in the upcoming consultation on the draft of the neighbourhood plan, which is currently with Herefordshire Council. Once the draft gets the go-ahead from the county council it will go for a six-week public consultation.

If there was support for the Greytree plan the group could put the site in the following draft.

He said a lot of people in the community were concerned about access.

The land was bequeathed to the RSPCA, National Animal Welfare Trust, the British Heart Foundation, The Horse Trust, Cancer Research UK and St Michael's Hospice.