TRIPLETS who were born following IVF have just started primary school.

Ryan, Nathan and Heidi Gilbert started at reception class at Trinity Primary School last week.

They were born at 29 weeks on August 15, 2014 - Ryan weighed 2lb9oz, Nathan was 2lb13oz and Heidi was 2lb14oz.

So it was a very proud day for mum Lisa Fairbrass to see them in their school uniforms and start school for the first time.

Lisa, aged 44, said: “My waters broke at 26 weeks and initially it was a bit touch and go whether they would come that early.

“They are IVF babies and we have been through quite a lot to get to where we have got.”

It was Lisa’s second round of IVF after trying to conceive for four years and at the six week scan she discovered she was expecting triplets.

She said: “I was shocked, nervous, excited, scared - everything.”

They were born at Swansea hospital and were there for ten days before being transferred to Royal Worcester Hospital where they spent six days.

They then went to Hereford County Hospital for six weeks and Lisa was able to take her children home on October 14.

Lisa said: “Luckily the hospital were really good and got them into a routine for me.”

Ryan had to be resuscitated when he was born. As a result he has cerebral palsy and has had tremendous help from Megan Baker House near Leominster.

Lisa said: “Ryan was diagnosed at 15 months old. I applied for Megan Baker. They saw him in the February and he started his sessions. It took just over eight months to take his first four independent steps. He was only 24 months when he did that. He has been going there for two years.

“He is brilliant now. He is still wobbly. He has a frame sometimes if he gets tired. But if it wasn’t for them I don’t know at what stage he’d be at now.”

The triplets have all gone into separate classes at Trinity and Lisa said the school have been fantastic, particularly with Ryan.

She said there is a love/hate relationship between the three children.

Lisa said: “Ryan keeps himself to himself. Heidi and Nathan help him every now and again but they are getting better as they get older."

The three went to Lollipops nursery, which had never had triplets before.

Lisa said it was a very proud day when she watched her three children walk into each of their classrooms to start their school life.