DO you recognise this Herefordshire family from the First World War?

This photo was taken in Leominster in September 1918 in the dying months of the conflict and shows a happy mother, father and child posing for a family photo.

The photo has been released as part of a project titled 'The Army Children of the First World War' which aims to raise historical awareness of the impact of the war on children whose father's served as soldiers.

The project forms part of the nation's commemorations for the 100th anniversary of the armistice this November.

Organisers The Army Children Archive are now looking for more information about the family in the image to gain a better understanding of their lives and how it was shaped by the First World War.

The name of the studio where the photo was taken is embossed on the bottom left-hand corner of the photo postcard as ‘A W DeAth / Leominster' and 'September 1918' is handwritten on the back.

To view the image as part of project's gallery and provide any information you may have on the family in the photo visit:

The Hereford Times is also inviting readers to share their photos of family who served in the Great War.

For a chance to have your photo featured in an armistice special of the Hereford Times in November, email a copy of a photo of your relative who served in World War I to Write ‘armistice’ in the subject line.

Please include a picture of yourself or your present family, and include a few words about what your relative did in the war, and your personal tribute to them.

You can also contribute via our Facebook page (search for #ArmisticeHT).