Second Show & Sale of 3540 Breeding Ewes

A VERY good entry for our main breeding ewe sale with a very good yarding of ewes on offer and credit must go to our vendors for turning out the ewes in such a difficult grazing season.

A very large crowd of purchasers forward and this was maintained throughout the sale with purchasers present from west Wales and into Shropshire and a very strong local contingent.

Texel cross Mules bucked the national trend today and were an exceptional trade throughout with our champion pen from Mr Peter Maund selling for £185. Pure bred Texels topped at £270, others from £180 to £260.

Texel cross Mules trading from £140 to £158 for the best sorts. Well bred farming sorts from £125 to £139 with plenty being sold in the £130s. Smaller and plainer third quality proving harder to cash and meeting limited enquiry especially for the smaller types - these generally £105 to £120.

Suffolk cross Mules were shorter in number however generally were not the strength as the Texel cross Mules. The strongest Suffolk cross Mules to £140, with other stronger sorts £130 to £135. A

lot of business being done from £120 to £130 with very few Suffolk cross Mules less than £120, leaving a very solid trade and virtual complete clearance.

A large and varied entry of Welsh Mules, Cheviot Mules and a handful of North Country Mules sold to good interest throughout, again the strongest and smartest were easiest sold with two pens of eye-catching Cheviot Mules to £157 and £155. Other Cheviot Mules were smaller sorts and sold from £108 to £116. Welsh Mules topped at £152 for coloured Mules, other pens of coloured strong types from £140 to £148. Good bodied types trading all day, from £128 to £136 with several £130 plus.

Smaller types slightly harder to place and generally £115 to £125 with small bodied and plain headed sorts £105 to £115. North Country Mules were generally smaller sorts and from £100 to £115.

An excellent clearance throughout with demand for the best and well bred types which is to be expected and looks set to be the theme throughout the autumn. Some vendors need to consider culling slightly harder if the finished trade in April and May is there to take advantage of.

Suffolk cross Mule Top £140 Average £124.82.

Texel cross Mule Top £185 Average £130.61.

Welsh Mule Top £152 Average £126.40.

Cheviot Mule Top £157 Average £131.11.

Pure Texel Top £270 Average £232.00.

Second Show & Sale of Breeding Ewes

Class 1 - best pen of 20 dark faced yearling ewes;

1) P G & J M M Maund, Lower Town £140.

2) T S Badger, Yew Tree Farm £140.

3) T G & I D Biddle, Highgrove Farm £140.

Class 2 - best pen of 20 continental yearling ewes;

1) P G & J M M Maund, Lower Town £185 (champion pen).

2) Miss D E Stephens, Tuthill Farm £146.

3) T L Whittall Ltd, The Old Rectory £148.

Class 3 - best pen of 20 Welsh Mule yearling ewes;

1) Mrs B M Horne, Wingfields £148.

2) T G & I D Biddle, Highgrove £135.

3) R Rogers, The Meadows £130.