WORK begins this week to renovate the home of a Herefordshire man with motor neurone disease.

Electrician Jamie Thompson, aged 49, was diagnosed in October 2014, and is now wheelchair-bound.

When he was diagnosed, he was told he had just three years to live, but he has already surpassed his doctors' expectations.

He is confined to areas which his motorised wheelchair can reach, and cannot use the garden to spend time with two-year-old son Ollie and daughters, Kiya, 12, and Amber, seven, from a previous relationship, who visit regularly.

After hearing about his situation, two charities set up to help builders, Band of Builders and the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity, offered to overhaul his garden and kitchen.

Richard Patchesa of Band of Builders said: “The alteration we’re going to make to his garden, as well as to his house to make it safer, will mean the whole family can enjoy safe surroundings.”

Bill Hill of the Lighthouse Club Charity said: “We are delighted to be able to fund part of the Band of Builders project to help improve Jamie and his family’s lives.”

Mr Thompson's partner Sarah Townsend said: “We can't begin to express our sheer excitement and gratitude about the project.

"Jamie will now be able to use his garden to its maximum, safely and contentedly, watching his children enjoy themselves outdoors.

"A new kitchen will mean Jamie can come and keep me company when I cook and we can talk about our day.

“We as a family now have something to look forward to and enjoy together long term, which will make Jamie's time left with us all much happier.”

At least 40 volunteers will gather at the couple's home from Saturday for a week.