A MAN whose wife and dog died after being hit crossing the road said it was ‘heartless’ for objectors to raise highways concerns to ‘sabotage’ his planning proposals.

Edwin Wilson lost his wife Josephine and dog Toby after they were hit by a car while crossing the road in Dormington several years ago.

Mr Wilson, who has lived at the The Maltings for 15 years, recently applied to Herefordshire Council for permission to retain the ancillary accommodation at his property but they declined to determine the application.

He asked for permission to retain the conversion works to the former car port following an enforcement notice calling on him to reverse the work.

Speaking at the planning committee meeting on July 25, Mr Wilson explained he had recently undergone major surgery and it would help if he could employ a housekeeper to look after him.

“The road traffic collision, in which my wife and dog were killed, was some 60 yards from the entrance to the courtyard and had nothing whatsoever to do with parked vehicles or sight lines - particularly as the collision was on the other side of the road,” he said.

“For objectors to mention this, is a particularly heartless way to attempt to sabotage my application.

“If my wife hadn’t had died, I would not have needed to carry out the conversion.”

Mr Wilson also said another neighbour had converted his carport ten years ago and he had not objected.

Councillor David Lloyd, from Dormington and Mordiford Parish Council, said they did not support the development which would reduce the parking for other residents in the courtyard.

He said the proposed parking would encroach on the entrance to the courtyard.

Vincent Heeley, speaking on behalf of other neighbours, said the applicant had built first and applied for planning later. In doing so, he had denied neighbours a chance to object to the works.

He said: “The emergency access to properties 22 and 23 has been persistently impeded on for two years. Business vehicles visiting 21 reverse out into the main road increasing the likelihood for a road accident for themselves and others.”

The planning committee declined to determine the application which now means the enforcement notice to reverse the works must be fulfilled.