AN aerial photograph shows all that remains of Rotherwas House which was demolished in 1926.

This photo, taken by T&T Aerial Photography for the Rotherwas Munitions Factory Project, shows the footprint of the once-impressive building in Hereford.

Nicola Goodwin, secretary of the project, said they were aware that in times of drought there could be a good imprint of the cellars of Rotherwas House, but they were pleasantly surprised by how clear the footprint was shown.

The last tenants of the grand house left in 1912 and it was used as barracks for the munitions site and, temporarily, as a military prison before it was demolished in 1926.

It was once described as the finest house in England and James I declared “not everyone can live at Rotherwas”.

The Rotherwas Munitions Factory Project started by the BBC held a year of focus to honour the contribution of the women who worked at Hereford’s former munitions factory, but they realised there was further work to be done in the area.

Nicola said: “We decided that there were so many people, so many different groups, across Herefordshire and the UK that had an interest in Rotherwas and the people that worked at Rotherwas in the First and Second World Wars that we needed to try and bring everyone together.”

They have set up Rotherwas Together, which will bring together all those interested in the past, present and future of Rotherwas.

For 2018/19 the group has the following aims. Nicola said: “We are going to be mapping the site of Rotherwas - pre-1916 when it was an estate owned by the Bodenham family - all the way through to the present day.”

The first Rotherwas House was made of timber. The footprint in the photo is from the third house which was built in the 17th century.

The second aim is to put together a national collection of names of every munitions worker which will be available online and at the Herefordshire Archive and Records Centre.

Nicola added: “We are also hoping to get a Great Places grant to look at how walking routes, cycle routes, open space for the people of Hereford can be integrated in the design of the enterprise park making it a place of recreation as well as work.” On October 10 from 6pm at Hinton Community Centre there is an open meeting for Rotherwas Together for anyone who wants to find out more. New members welcome.