A PET cemetery near Ledbury helped break a record at a world famous hot air balloon fiesta this weekend.

Internationally renowned Bristol International Ballon Fiesta took place on Saturday and saw thousands of people witness hot air balloons take flight- with one balloon making its way to Herefordshire.

One balloon ended up at Marley Hall near Ledbury, the home of Marley Hall Pet Crematorium, run by Harry and Angharad Whittal.

The balloon, piloted by Andy Collett, set off from Bristol at 6:30am and flew up the Avon Gorge, over the Clifton suspension bridge, entered the Bristol Channel and crossed over both Severn bridges.

It then travelled over the Forest of Dean, and landed just north of Ledbury at Marley Hall.

The journey took four hours and 45 minutes and covered 70 kilometres.

This was long enough to see the balloon and the crew be crowned long jump winners of the fiesta for the second year running.