COUNTY planners have refused permission to convert a former coach house into a home in Bartestree.

Applicant Alan Mifflin wanted to convert the building into a two-bedroom home along with providing turning and parking facilities and a private amenity area on land at Wilcroft.

Bernard Eacock, speaking on behalf of Mr Mifflin at Herefordshire Council’s planning meeting on July 25, said a planning appeal in 2015 established the principle for a dwelling on that site.

But Hagley ward councillor Dave Greenow said nothing had changed from the previous planning refusals for the site.

He explained the nearby farm had access rights through the proposed amenity space for the coach house.

“The farmer has the rights written in his deeds where he can bring his tractor, trailer and livestock box and cattle through this area to access his cattle shed when he wants to be TB testing or bringing his cattle in for calving,” he said.

He asked what would happen if vehicles blocked the area when farm vehicles needed to access the shed.

“I believe that this should be refused in support of the agricultural industry,” he said.

“There would be adverse impact on the amenity of the existing farm and any residents that may occupy the property.”

Residents and Bartestree and Lugwardine Parish Council also objected to the plans.

Chairman Wendy Soilleux told the committee the parish area had already met its minimum requirement for homes set out in its neighbourhood development plan.

Councillors voted against their officer’s recommendation and rejected the scheme.

A total of 12 members voted for refusal while one abstained.