FOUR picnic benches have been "smashed to pieces" at a park in Hereford.

County councillor Clive Butler said vandalism at Grandstand Community Park off Grandstand Road started when children broke up from school for summer.

The benches were bought by the Bobblestock and Westfields Community Association.

Coun Butler, who is a Herefordshire Councillor for the Bobblestock ward, said: "It has been going on for the last three weeks since they have broken up for school. I think they are just getting bored.

"As a community we want to spend money up there. We don't want to spend money if they are going to get vandalised."

He said the benches were "smashed to pieces" but they are hoping they can be repaired.

Coun Butler added: "Young adults are down there at night time - we can hear them. Nobody wants to go down there and have a word with them. They don't know what reception they will get.

"I go down there as a councillor in the locality. But they will only listen to the police."

The vandalism has been reported to the police.

Coun Butler said: "This is what is going on down there. Hopefully we might prick a few consciences. I think it begins at home."

If you have any information regarding the vandalism call 101 and quote incident number 0290S 030818.