Everyone at Clyro Church In Wales Primary School’s excitement was fit to burst when they opened their doors of their new school for the first time last week.

Governors, parents, staff, children and members of the community gathered outside the school as Rev. David Thomas blessed the school and cut the ribbon.

The children released biodegradable balloons on which they had written their hopes and wishes for the future, before laying pebbles which they had painted around the school’s new ‘values’ mosaic on the foreground in front of the new entrance.

The children then enjoyed a collective worship with guests who had helped make the build possible along the way.

Headteacher Sarah Groves could not have been more proud.

“We have the most beautiful, amazing school, we love it,” she said. “We couldn’t ask for anything more, I couldn’t be happier. What an amazing learning environment for our children to work in, it’s truly extraordinary!”

She thanked the Powys Transformation team of Betsan Ifan who have worked hard to get the school completed and finished to such a high standard on time and the building contractors, Willmott-Dixon, who have worked with the staff every step of the way to ensure that the school was built to the best standard and quality in order to provide the pupils with the best.

As well as solar panels on the roof the school has underfloor heating and an integrated heating system which is state of the art. The Foundation Phase classrooms have outdoor spaces and there are sound-proofed studios which make the weekly music lessons easier all round. There is also a private on-site nursery which takes children from the age of two.

To personalise the build - which is part of a roll-out of five new schools totalling a £24m investment in the Gwernyfed catchment area - two mosaics have been created outside the new entrance and two murals have been painted inside the ‘street’ area of learning depicting the school’s motto and logo.

The Co-op’s Community Fund helped to pay for mosaic artist Rachel Shilston to come into the school and work with every child over the past year.

Thanks also go to Mrs Christina Watson who painted the murals on the sky lanterns inside.

Clyro Parochial Church Council has funded a piece of Portland stone to be carved to commemorate the opening.