NOT your usual church guide book...Diana Thomas's striking 32-page From Big Bang To Beasties and Beyond puts one of Herefordshire's most famous churches in the context of the universe: "500 million years ago Kilpeck would have been under the sea," she writes.

You realise just how old this building is as she roots its origins into the lives of Anglo-Saxon Britain when children could marry at the age of 12 and you would probably never travel more than five miles from your village in your whole life.

This is a novel approach which can't help but transport you back through time and create an understanding of what and why Kilpeck Church is as special as it is today.

What child is not going to be enthralled by the drawing of a Camptosaurus dinosaur on page 3? And while most children think visiting churches is "boring!" here is guide with quizzes and some drawing to satisfy any age visitor, which explains why it has sold over 700 copies.

The first mention of a church at Kilpeck dates back to 650AD but the Norman church that stands today was built around 1140.

The entrance door is famous for its carvings and there is a lot of detail and history to draw on here, showing the influences from architectural fashions around Europe at the time it was built.

Having moved to the village in 2015, professional artist Diana become captivated by her local church.

Two years of research and drawing led to the publication of her guide book in June 2017.

She is a member of the Kilpeck PCC and a tour guide for the Local Ministry Development Group.

"What I have written is my own unique record of this church," she says in the introduction.

"Please look at the building with an open mind and form your own opinion, for it has value."

The church of St Mary and St David holds one service a month but welcomes many visitors on a pilgrimage to view that famous Norman door.