A 62-YEAR-old suffering with tinnitus died after falling from the Great Western Way bridge in Hereford.

An inquest at Herefordshire Coroner's Court heard that David Rowberry of Litley Close, Hereford was pronounced dead at the scene on January 12.

He fell from the bridge on the Hunderton side of the River Wye onto the ground below.

The inquest was told that Mr Rowberry had developed tinnitus in October last year. He had been to see an ear, nose and throat specialist and also his doctor.

He told his GP he had been having suicidal thoughts as the tinnitus was "driving him insane", but he said he felt his family was a protective factor.

Witness Adam Daniel said he was walking along the river bank towards Hereford when he heard a noise and then saw a body beyond the tunnel.

He called 999 at 6.19am and police officers attended within minutes. Mr Rowberry was pronounced dead at the scene shortly afterwards.

His wife, Cheryl Rowberry, said he was a family guy and they were all very close. She added: "He was one of the most generous people you could come across."

Mr Rowberry had got up early on January 12 and left the house without saying goodbye, which was unusual.

Son Philip Rowberry said they did not believe it was rational, conscious decision. He said: "There has never been a sign anywhere of premeditation of wanting to take his life."

Coroner Mark Bricknell said: "I am not satisfied beyond all reasonable doubt he intended to kill himself. I am not satisfied he didn't just fall while going through a very difficult thought process that morning."

He recorded a narrative conclusion, which means he will record the date and place of death. Mr Rowberry died from multiple injuries.