A GROUP of intrepid students and staff from the Hereford Academy went 'on the run' to raise funds for their Year 11 prom.

Inspired by the popular Channel 4 show Hunted, two teams set off from Marlbrook Road on March 23 and were tasked with travelling as far away as possible and returning to school on Monday morning without getting caught by a team of 'hunters'.

The Red team, led by senior supply and cover Tina Probert and senior examinations and data officer Debbie Rowan, made it as far as Luxembourg.

Their opposition, the Blue team, comprised of head of science Kevin Morris and Jane Morris, found themselves in the Eden Project in Cornwall.

While on the run, the two teams gave cryptic social media updates to the team of hunters back in Hereford who were tasked with catching their elusive peers.

The fundraising scheme was the brainchild of year 11 student Rose Probert and was sponsored by teaching supply agencies, Supply Desk and Prospero Teaching, who each contributed £200 to help both teams with their travel and accommodation costs.

Both teams made it back to their school on Monday morning, however the blue team were accosted by the hunters on their arrival as they drove into school in disguise.

The Hereford Academy thanked sponsors Supply Desk and Prospero Teaching for their support of the event.