POO bags are ‘growing’ on trees in a Herefordshire village where one woman has sent out an appeal for dog owners to clean up their act.

This photograph, taken near Eardisley, shows the “filthy and unacceptable” practice of dumping bagged dog poo, rather than placing it in a bin specially designed for the job.

The picture has been sent to the Hereford Times by Ellie Somme who sends out an urgent plea for those bagging dog poo during walks with their pet.

She argues that while the practice of gathering a dog’s excrement in special bags is commendable, the common habit of abandoning such unsavoury packages on the side of the road or in gateways is “crass and stupid”.

Finding four bags of dog poo strung up on a tree near her home was a movement too far.

“I noticed one bag the other day which was bad enough, but the dog owner responsible obviously thinks they will magically disappear somehow and has added another three,” she reported.

“This is absolutely disgusting behaviour – these bags are not degradable and will last for years and this is despoiling our beautiful countryside.”

She continued: “I cannot believe that anyone who loves the countryside can be quite so crass and stupid as to think that this is acceptable.

"I’ve noticed dog poo bags left on the side of the road and in gateways but it would be better to just leave the pooh to compost naturally if you can't be bothered to pick it up.

“But if you’re going to bag it then please take it home and bin it or find a council bin designed especially for it.

"These bags do not disappear of their own accord.”

She added: “A lot of us have dogs and we need to behave responsibly about what they leave behind so that those without dogs can also enjoy the countryside.

"I hope that people who do this will think again about what they're doing because this is filthy and unacceptable.”