PETE Redding joined the Coracle Society a few years ago, having had his first coracle experience with the Ironbridge Charitable Trust.

A self-confessed fair weather sailor, Pete can be seen launching his coracle from Hereford's Victoria Bridge in the summer months and sailing around the Bartonsham curve to the Greenway cycle bridge.

He carries it, while on dry land, on his back and shoulder.

"It would have once been a really common site, a vision as cars crossed the river, seeing coracles on the Wye," Pete said.

Currently responsible for organising a coracle-building workshop prior to this year's River Carnival on May 4 and 5, Pete is aiming to attract like-minded people with a view to creating an armada of coracles at this year's event.

"I have in mind a regatta, races and a drift from the Victoria Bridge," Pete said, "as well as games for people who've never paddled before. It should be a really nice giggle.

"The drift - where several crafts float together - will start at The Rowing Club and will be a nice, gentle meander enjoying the wildlife. There are dippers and egrets on that stretch.

"You don't get anywhere fast in a coracle, as they have no keel they're unobtrusive."

Pete aims to source the main materials for the workshop locally including the ash laths and wicker. A Coracle is a small round boat made of wickerwork covered with a waterproof material.

"If we make a dozen coracles before the carnival, I'll be happy," Pete said.

His long term vision includes the hiring out of coracles on the Castle Pool: "to be paddling alongside the last piece of the Castle Motte, there's something romantic about that," he said.

If you don't fancy the competition then you could just turn up with your own coracle on the day.

For information about the workshop check the @allafloat Facebook page, or email