Hereford's first celebration of International Women's Day has been deemed a universal success.

Awards were presented to women in the county who have achieved great things over adversity.

"It was amazing, the whole thing was incredible," said organiser and carer, Terri Wilson.

"The amount of contributions from all of the organisations who got involved, like Mind, who do incredible work was brilliant. And the power of what women can achieve when they pull together."

Although International Women's Day has been celebrated around the world for over a century this is the first time it was embraced by Herefordians: "I wanted to make sure that the option was there to do it and then momentum took over," Terri said. "So many people joined in."

Left Bank Village donated space for the festival to take place free of charge and were incredibly supportive, as were many other businesses.

"You have to have faith in an outcome, when you have belief and passion," Terri said. "There will definitely be something next year, bigger and bolder. I feel so proud to be among these incredible women."

A list of award winners is available to view on the HT website and an exhibition, Women AKA Artists continues at Hereford Courtyard through to March 26.

Photo of day by Georgia Rone Photography

Image of art by Alexandra Weaver, currently on show at Hereford Courtyard