ARRIVING at her wedding on a stairlift wasn’t quite what Kim Hutchinson had in mind for her big day – but thanks to a hen do dancefloor injury that’s exactly what happened.

Kim married Iain Hutchinson at Hereford Town Hall on Saturday – the room where couples say their vows is on the second floor and up a lot of steps.

This usually isn’t a problem for brides, but Kim had broken her ankle just five weeks previously while on her hen do and found herself on crutches.

She had to use the lift to get to the first floor and then go up the remaining steps on the stairlift.

The 38 year old said: “It was a bit unique. The nerves did start to kick in a little bit. It was a very slow stairlift.”

Kim said she was on her hen do in Liverpool and on the dancefloor when the incident happened.

“Some very random lady, none of us knew who she was, jumped on my back and pushed forward and I fell as well. She broke my ankle.

“I felt a snap and dropped to the floor,” said the bride-to-be.

She said the woman who had jumped on her had walked away by the time her friends realised it was serious.

Her friend has a video of what happened, but Kim said: “It is an accident. I could have fallen off the pavement walking home that night and done it.”

Her cast was taken off the day before the wedding and replaced with an ankle brace and a very attractive shoe.

Kim said: “I was a little bit disappointed. It’s not the perfect thing you want for your wedding day.

“I was supposed to be running a marathon at the end of April for the Born Sleeping appeal.

“That is one of the first things I thought. I was more worried that I would let people down.

“But there was nothing I could do. I just had to go with the flow.”

Kim and husband Iain, 34, enjoy having a laugh and made light of the situation, which resulted in some great photos.

Her dress was a three-quarter length style. Kim said: “Everybody was saying, ‘At least your dress will cover it’ and I was thinking, ‘It’s not going to cover it.’”

She said she had bought some really nice shoes to go with the dress, but had to opt for pumps instead.

The couple from Bobblestock, who have a three-year-old daughter called Sophie, held their reception at Hereford Rowing Club and Iain picked up Kim for most of their first dance to Everlong by the Foo Fighters and Just a Day by Feeder.

Photographer Clare Jennings, of Clara Lou Photography, said it was the first time she had photographed a bride with an ankle brace on.

She added: “Obviously we knew we were going to the Town Hall. I knew there were three levels of steps up to the room where they get married.

“I said I could remember there was a lift to the first floor, but what about the rest? And she said there was a stairlift. I said, ‘Brilliant. I am so sorry Kim – I am going to take your photo on the stair lift.’”