A MOTION put forward to keep land clear to the east of Hereford to be able to provide a bridge crossing in the future has been rejected by full council.

It's Our County councillor Jim Kenyon put forward the motion to ask the council to investigate and ensure that a protective corridor can be established for an eastern river crossing.

Coun Kenyon wanted to see the route protected from the the B4399 at Rotherwas, where there is a roundabout linking to the Rotherwas Relief Road, and ending at the A438 close to the Cock of Tupsley.

This motion was slightly different to his proposal a year earlier as this time he asked for the route simply to be protected and did not ask for the council to support the construction of a road.

At last week's full council meeting he said: "This isn't anything to do with the bypass or changing anything to do with the western bypass. This route would alleviate traffic and take a percentage away from the A49.

"If the western route is one way and this is going the other way people can get in and around the city a lot easier."

Seven routes have been shortlisted for the western bypass which are currently being consulted on.

Jesse Norman, MP for Hereford and South Herefordshire, had tweeted prior to the meeting saying: "Very much hoping @HfdsCouncil will support the motion tomorrow to keep a land corridor clear for an Eastern Link Road from Rotherwas to the Ledbury Road."

Independent councillor Bob Matthews said: "It goes without saying this council would be totally irresponsible if it didn't take this option and protect this route."

Conservative councillor Tony Johnson asked who would fund the bridge crossing? He said: "Certainly not Highways England, as they are only interested in getting the north/south traffic moving."

Coun Johnson said this motion would represent a threat to the western bypass.

He added: "This administration does not give a jot whether we go east, west, a bridge, over the top or a tunnel underneath. We don't care. What we care about is a bypass around this city. That will open up land for the 6,000 houses we need. There is only one place that can go and that's to the west."

Conservative councillor Roger Phillips said: "Once in a generation we get an opportunity to build a bypass. A generation ago we lost that opportunity and we have long suffered the consequences of it. We now have that opportunity again. If it is not focused on again we will lose it. I believe we need to focus."

Coun Chris Chappell, Independent, said the council has already been told that an eastern bypass is not an option due to the Lugg Meadows and he said if the council do protect this route, in a matter of years it will already be out of date and not suitable for the needs of Rotherwas and the city.

The motion was lost with 33 against it, 15 in favour and two abstentions.