A HEREFORD secondary school still 'requires improvement' two years after its last Ofsted inspection came to the same conclusion.

Aylestone School's latest inspection said it still 'requires improvement' in every area but the headteacher said he was pleased that the inspector's report showed improvements have been made.

Following 2011's Ofsted inspection the school was rated as good but in 2016 this changed to 'requires improvement' and remains the same following this week's publication of January's inspection.

The inspector said that wide-ranging changes made by new leaders came too late to ensure good outcomes in GCSE examinations in 2017 and the most able pupils did not achieve high enough grades.

The report went on to say that disadvantaged pupils and those who have special educational needs and/or disabilities did not make good enough progress in 2017 and there are inconsistencies in the quality of

teaching, learning and assessment.

However, the report praised senior leaders' "clear and accurate understanding of how to make the necessary improvements to pupils’ progress."

It also said there is a strong culture of safeguarding and pupils are proud of their school and their workbooks, adding: "Pupils’ behaviour is polite and courteous in lessons and around the school at lunch and break times."

A new, permanent leadership team started in September last year.

Headteacher Simon Robertson said: "Although everyone here appreciates we have more work to do, to build on the improvements made, I am pleased by the general tone of this report as the inspectors have made many positive comments about the progress that we are making."

The report said progress of pupils is improving in key stages 3 and 4 and across a wide range of subjects.

Mr Robertson continued: "We accept that in the past, the school has unfortunately fallen short of the standards required in certain areas and whilst our overall rating has not changed just yet, I am confident that the hard work we are doing will continue to bring even more consistency to the quality of teaching."

He added: "All in all, there can be no doubt that this is a positive report, which clearly shows that Aylestone is a school on the up, and I can reassure people that the areas in need of improvement are ones we have recognised ourselves and have already been working on. This work will be continuing as we all strive to achieve the sustained improvements our pupils deserve in every area right across our school."