THE Old Market in Hereford looks set to lose its first businesses.

The shopping centre opened in 2014 and welcomed a number of big commercial names to the city centre site.

However, it looks like two restaurants will soon be closing - almost four years after first arriving in Hereford.

The BBC last night reported that the Italian restaurant chain, Prezzo, plans to close about a third of its outlets in an attempt to rescue the business.

The chain, which is owned by private equity firm TPG Capital, employs about 4,500 people.

The BBC said that Prezzo is closing 94 restaurants - including 33 outlets of its TexMex chain Chimichanga.

And the Daily Mirror last night added that both the Prezzo and Chimichanga stores in Hereford were on the at-risk list.

The closures aim to repair Prezzo's financial position and allow it to continue trading.

Prezzo has entered a restructuring arrangement know as a company voluntary arrangement (CVA) - a step short of going into administration.

The Daily Mirror said that Prezzo would try to find its staff new roles within the company.