AN engineer's new project aims to show off what can be done with electrical modes of transport.

Fred Spaven from Bartonsham in Hereford is bringing an old British bike into the 21st century by making it electrical.

He is then going to ride it from Land's End to John o'Groats in September to prove the power of electric.

The 29-year-old bought a partially restored 1961 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet, which was built in Britain for the Indian army and only brought back to England a few years ago.

He took it apart and soon realised there was nothing left on it worth using.

Fred said: "My bike was the first of exports. It was a British-built bike which was sent to India, where it was abused for 50 years before it was brought back.

"I used it for a year and then took it to bits. There was nothing which could be reused without a lot of work."

He is therefore replacing every part of the bike and also building it as an electric bike, following a lot of research.

Fred said: "It is just looking at the way the world is going with transport - it is a bit of an exploration."

He plans to ride around 200 miles a day, stopping to recharge every 75 miles.

The trip is being recorded by independent filmmaker, Finn Varney.

Fred said he then hopes to use the bike to commute to work in Bromyard, as he said electrical is the perfect solution for shorter commutes.

He said 80 to 90 percent of journeys could be electrical due to the shorter journey distances.

Fred added: "Not many people do more than 120 miles each day. If you do, electrical is not for you. But for most people most of the time it is a good thing."

He said the epic ride will show that is can be done.

Fred is no stranger to challenges. His current bike is a 1960 BSA Bantam, 175cc. Along with his friend, they both bought one of these bikes in 2011, learned to ride and then rode to southern Italy and back (5,782 miles). Then three years ago he travelled from Singapore to England via train.

He works on classic bikes as Spaven Engineering and on historic racing cars for Hardy Hall Restorations in Bromyard.

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