CALLING all knitters – Pembridge needs you! That’s the message from a village that has done more than most to commemorate the 100-year anniversary since the First World War with hundreds of hand-knitted and crocheted poppies on streets and public buildings.

Poppy number one appeared in 2014 at the start of events to mark the centenary of the start of the war in 1914. Since then a dedicated band of knitters has been hard at work to produce more and more poppies, but this year Pembridge is hoping for a special effort to remember the end of hostilities in 1918.

One of the knitters, Meryl Griffith explained how the village now has 1,126 poppies thanks to the efforts of this small group of women.

“Some of these have been put on display each year and some have been sold, the money used for subsequent displays,” she said. “Each year we have tried to come up with a fresh idea for displaying the poppies.” The traditional splash of red has appeared on Pembridge’s iconic Market Hall and in St Mary’s Parish Church, but probably the most eye-catching arrangement so far has been the village’s own metal ‘War Horse’.

“This year, as it is the centenary of the end of WW1, we want to make a special effort with our display and so will need lots more of the knitted poppies,” she explained.” If you have a spare few minutes then why not help us to knit some.”

‘Knit-Ins’ are planned at Pembridge over the next few months. Said Mrs Griffith: “We shall knit, chat and admire each other’s efforts but also between us come up with a plan to make this year's display our best.”

Everyone is welcome to join, and organisers invite those interested to bring friends, needles and red wool, but those unable to make the knit-ins can get to work at home and pass the poppies on to a group member.

A variety of patterns is available for both knitting and crocheting, and some wool can be supplied.

For information please contact Sharon - 01544 388645 or Meryl - 01544 340381