Families can go on A Real Alien Adventure and explore outer space with Courtyard Family Saturdays this month.

The family show promises an intergalactic space adventure full of fun and wonderment, with shadow play, gadgets and cats in space.

Miss Amelia Buttersnap, investigator of all things unseen and mysterious, is on a mission to prove that aliens really do exist. With her translator device, her teleporter machine and her trusty cat Tibbles, she sets off in her home-made rocket on a rip-roaring intergalactic journey.

A Real Alien Adventure is presented by Ripstop Theatre who were formed in 1998 by Zannie Fraser to create shadow theatre productions for young people.

A Real Alien Adventure will be part of Courtyard Family Saturdays and children will be able to make a UFO as a free pre-show activity at 10.30am.

A Real Alien Adventure will be in The Courtyard’s Studio Theatre on Saturday, January 20 at 11am. To book, call the box office on 01432 340555 or visit courtyard.org.uk