VANDALS who targeted fundraising Christmas decorations in Ledbury came back to knock on the door and make a fulsome apology.

Yvonne White, the owner of the colourful display outside her home in Bye Street, accepted the apology and also the cash donation the youths offered, towards her good causes. She said the matter was now closed.

Mrs White, a former Ledbury retailer said: “The ones who did it came back to apologise, and they were very sincere and gave a very generous amount. They said that drink had got the better of them.

“They were really nice lads. Only one of out of three did the damage, but they accepted that it reflected on all of them.

“There are apologies and there are sincere apologies, and this was very sincere.”

Mrs White said the incident, which led to the partial destruction of the display, was no longer a police matter.

Mrs White’s decorations raised £351 for Ledbury Swifts and Ledbury Town FC.