MAY I express my respect and admiration for Joe Cocker's memorial service for the Polish veterans of the Second World War.

Their contribution was unsurpassed and should never be forgotten.

It is to our eternal shame that Clement Atlee and the Labour Government capitulated to the pressures from Stalin and the veterans were denied a rightful place in the post-war victory parade.

This cowardly act gave credence to the criminal activities of the Soviet regime in its dealings with the Polish people.

We should always remember the collusion between the Nazi and Communist regimes over the invasion in 1939; the murder of 5,000 Polish community leaders in the Katyn forest, and the disappearance without trace of a further 5,000.

We should also remember that the Soviet army deliberately held back and enabled Hitler’s army to destroy the partisans of the Warsaw uprising, and reduce the best part of the city to rubble.

These same men were then denied the right to return to their homeland as their country suffered under the burden of Soviet imperialism.

These brave heroes must always be remembered for the major contribution they made while fighting at our side for a common cause.

We owe them that.

Leslie Wiles