A MEDAL awarded to one school pupil more than 100 years ago has been handed to its recipient's family.

While having a sort out of some drawers at Stoke Prior Primary School, Ann Dawson, the school administrator, discovered an old medal.

It was an award for 100% attendance from 1906 to1913 and had been awarded to Annie Bagley by Sir James Rankin.

Earlier this year, head teacher Matt Lewis decided to track down Annie’s relatives to return the medal to her family.

He used social media to obtain a number of contacts and, with some helpful parents and local friends, managed to track down Michael and Malcom Price, Annie’s grandchildren.

In November, Michael and Malcolm were visiting the area and arranged to visit the school. They gave a short talk to the children in assembly where two children handed back the long-lost medal.

Daniel Preece and Jacob Symonds both had 100% attendance last year and were chosen to present the medal in the assembly.

Stoke Prior head teacher Matt Lewis said: "During the visit, Michael Price shared a clipping from the Hereford Times dated November 25 1993 where Annie had visited the school at the age of 92 to talk to the children about her medal.

"In the story it mentions that the medal and letter that went with it helped Annie get her first job. It is interesting to know that 100 years ago good school attendance was seen as something that was very important for young children and this still remains so now."